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  1. Hey guys. I hope you still remember me. =/ http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=10926
  2. I doubt many of you guys will remember who I am, but I frequented the BBC forum quite a few years back until BZP got it's upgrade. But since I'm going to leave for college this week, I figured I may as well post something before I approach my "Dark Age", because this is probably the last thing you will see from me for a few years. Still, it is sad that this is still a Work-In-Progress, but I simply don't have the time or desire to finish it yet. With that being said however, I still believe it's light years ahead of the old one. Gallery here (when public) You can tell that this is still not finished from the amount of messy bits, gaps, exposed studs, rather messy colors (esp. on the back), and most obviously the mis-matched blue pods on the top.Anyways, I'm well aware of many of these discrepancies, but still give some suggestions on how to tackle them regardless.One thing I would like in particular are suggestions on how to give this thing functional claws (the ones you see are held in place by friction and can't move) as well as replacing those top-mismatched blue bits with some smooth thrusters. Edit: Image thumbnailed and linked - please keep posted images in BBC to 100 kB! -Wind-
  3. Zipper

    Korra Finale

    Spoil your spoilers, man. -Xae
  4. Zipper

    Korra Finale

    All they needed to do was cut out the last five minutes and I would've been fine.
  5. Zipper

    Korra's "finale"

    I don't know what they're going to do with season 2 at this point. =/ Also, how the heck am I still a Premier Member?
  6. Wow, nobody likes Mawaru Penguindrum? Madoka has got nothing against it.
  7. Gurren Lagann is one of those series that I really didn't enjoy the first time, but somehow did the second time rewatching it, like a year after. There were more things that I learned to appreciate within that timespan- the animation, music, and sheer fun factor, all of which were fantastic. And seriously, Lagann-Hen was awesome.
  8. I got back into TFs a few months ago during BZP's downtime. They're really advanced from what I remembered during the Energon years. Also, the Prime figures look gorgeous. It's like the Animated line, but focusing more on streamlined design as opposed to cartoon proportions.
  9. Zipper

    Whoa Dudes.

    It's been, like, half a year. Dang. And for some reason, I'm still Premier. Not that I'll be blogging much, but it's still nice to have some status. Anyhow, instead of writing an entry about myself, I want to hear about you guys. Yes, you! How has your downtime been?
  10. TBH, Guilty Crown looks like Sacred Seven with a higher budget. Except the Shu is even more dislikeable than Arma.
  11. Zipper

    Android W I P

    I like that body, but those legs have got to go.
  12. Zipper

    Adblock Plus

    You should get it. It blocks every single ad there is- Firefox is a lot faster now thanks to it.
  13. Zipper

    Adblock Plus

    Installed it for Firefox. Oh, and if you guys could vote for me since Retinence is destroying the competition and I'm not even going to make the wildcard, I'd appreciate it.
  14. Zipper

    Ali Project

    They're not bad; just overused when it comes to anime.
  15. Zipper


    Just the lower arms now...
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