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  1. Slayer doesn't suck. Their first four albums were masterpeices. However I don't really like anything past that

  2. It's not that I don't like Megadeth it's just that I defend Metallica

  3. A small tribute entry to the one and only Rage Against The Machine The ONLY band in the world to fuse Rap with Metal/Rock and NOT screw it up. -Freeze
  4. Iron Maiden rock majorly. Not only are they awesome in general, but they gave way to other bands like Metallica and Megadeth

  5. My new writing material has kinda gone into a thrash metal stage... I don't really know if that's a bad thing or not!

  6. Oh, and by the way, if it weren't for my country Canada wouldn't exist, so being racist towards me and my nation is stupid.

  7. Uh... I don't like to start arguments, really, so I'm going to apologize. No hard feelings, K? I acted like a **** mainly because one of my relatives died.

  8. Freeze

    Pedal Board

    I'm making a pedal board for all my guitar effects So far it's going well. Normally, when I make something with wood and nails and everything, the wood splits and it breaks down. Not this time. I got the nails in perfectly. Yay! So far, it will be able to fit in about 14 small pedals and a wah pedal, or four of the large EHX multi-effects pedal. Either way, it's pretty big. I'm proud of it so far. -Freeze
  9. No hard feelings K?

  10. I bought today... 1. Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion II 2. Foo Fighter's There Is Nothing Left To Lose 3. Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter Pedal for Guitar. 4. Linkin Park CD (Lol, only kidding) I won't be spending cash anytime soon. But the albums were great. More importantly, the £50 pedal is fantastic. -Freeze
  11. BTW I bashed Linkin Park to send a message to all those reading it who are typical, stupid rap fans who don't know anything aside from Linkin Park. They are constantly bashing better bands like Metallica, so they deserve it!

  12. You're not younger than me! The whole reason I called you a peadophile was because you are a year older than me yet YOU send harrasing messages to me. Why don't you just give up? What have I ever done to you apart from take the mick out of a stupid, talentless game like Guitar hero?

  13. If you live in the UK, BUY THIS BOOK. This is easily the best Demonata book in the series, apart from Death's Shadow. In fact, I'd say the two are roughly the same. Once again- if you live in the UK, it has JUST been released, buy it NOW. -Freeze
  14. LEAVE ME ALONE or I'll block you

  15. You don't even know me, peadophile, so shut up and leave me alone. I'm not as arrogant as you claim, I'm usually arrogant when I'm joking, so just drop it and stop being such a stalker.

  16. I feel sorry for Greg, everyone bashes him all the time

  17. I went for a nineteen mile run today- around your ego.

  18. Yup. They sure do.

  19. Possibly. Even though I am not scared at all by your threat, I do apologize for the insult.

  20. Your threats are puny and unimaginative, I have better things in life to do than be threatened of being blocked on a website like this.

  21. If you disagree with me, or do not like Nirvana, please don't hesitate to keep the comments to yourself, yeah? Reason 1: Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, and Kurt Cobain are all completely awesome and cool, much more cool than rappers and modern musicians. Reason 2: The basslines rocked. Reason 3: The drumming puts most drumming roles to shame, and quite a far way beyond. The drumming in this band is excellent. Reason 4: All the members have equal roles. This is nothing like these stupid pop bands nowdays where only the vocalists are credited. The basslines were harder than the guitar roles, as were the drumming roles. Reason 5: Kurt Cobain sang excellently, in a grunge rock voice, and also played LEAD guitar. Not Rhythm, LEAD guitar. This means solos and everything. Reason 6: They were a mix of alternative rock (seen in Nevermind) and pure Grunge (Bleach and Incesticide). Reason 7: They didn't give a *cough* about money or the buisness side of Rock, unlike the new, modern day, money grabbing pop/rock bands. Reason 8: They destroyed their guitars and drums at the end of the shows. -Freeze
  22. I cannot believe you are allowed to be in such a position of power on this website. You obviously have no sense of justice, seeing as you threaten me because I bash Linkin Park and then you go over to another topic and bash Guns N Roses, who a vast majority of people here like.

  23. You just bashed Guns N Roses, who are one of my favourite bands. Next time you do that, there will be SERIOUS consequences.

    Lol, what a hypocrite you are.

  24. Freeze

    Lol, you are. And I do spend my time playing guitar as well, ya' know :-)

  25. Stay away, Mr. Arrogant, I really want nothing to do with you. I'll stay out of your face if you stay out of mine. The reasons why I bashed Linkin Park are on that topic.

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