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    That's easy. I'm at...oh, man, I'm lost again
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    CHARACTER COUNT (including this): 1620 characters.<br /><br />Now, my Bulbasaur army, drive the demon ducks out of my base once and for-OH! Hi there. I wasn't making any schemes or anything. Heh heh. ^_^<br /><br />I like Bionicle. But that's obvious to you by now. You could probably tell from the fact that I'm on this site. Other interests of mine include caring for my pet Betta (which, if you're wondering, is what I consider one of the most beautiful creatures on the face of the Earth. And also a fish. Both kinds are one and the same), eating pretzels, eating chocolate (no, I'm not fat, I just love chocolate), finding paradoxes in the universe's construction, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl (HOLLY SHORT FTW), spriting, making advancements in science (although I haven't quite done much here =P), studying microbes, composing music, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Mario, and Pokemon, as you could tell by the Bulbasaurs.<br /><br />Speaking of Bulbasaur, you're probably wondering what's with all of them in my Avatar, Sig, and Personal Pic. Well...it happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon, I was one in PMD2, and...um...let's just say they work for me. Ok? <_<; >_>; ^_^;<br /><br />My interest in music is huge. I compose on the computer and listen to it as much as I can. Here is a list of my favorite artists. The amount of stars is how much I like them. 5 as a general maximum.<br /><br />Depeche Mode ****<br />Hans Zimmer *****<br />Weird Al Yankovic ****<br />Moby ****<br />Rush *********************** (That's 23)<br /><br />Yeah, I think Rush is awesome. In fact, my current favorite song of all time is Cygnus X-1, from 'A Farewell to Kings'. 2112 is a close second.<br /><br />I enjoy pixel art. I'm lucky I'm not bad at it, either. Well, that's the opinion of most. My next posted kit, you can tell me what YOU think of it.<br /><br />Also...I like to make games with Game Maker 7. They usually end up pretty simple, but I'm going to work on harder things as I go. I may make a Bionicle game soon!<br /><br />When I think of more I'd like to add, I will. Other than that...Seeya people!

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  1. Who are you? Kanvolai, a Matoran adventurer. What's in a name? I just made sure it sounded like Bionicle and turned up 0 Google Search results. Is your character the leader of a major organization? They may become the leader of a small business/adventuring team, but nothing on the list. What is your character? -A Matoran? (0 Points. If he has Toa powers count him as a Toa) Just a plain old Matoran. What's your character's origin? (Choose all that apply.) -The usual, I guess; nothing to write home about (0 Points) Yeah, he just got bored with life and went off adventuring. Nothing special. Does your character undergo any physical or metaphysical transformation in the story or back-story? (i.e., was he something else before?) Note: MAJOR upgrades count, but most "normal" upgrades don't. A Matoran to Toa would not count. Toa to cyborg that shoots lasers out of his eyes does. Nope. Just a Matoran. What do you do? Tell me, what is your day job? -Travel the world as a wanderer? (1 Point) And it's my first point! He did it because he didn't have anything better to do. Does your character use some kind of weapon to fight? (Multiple weapons are cumulative.) -A sword (3 Points) He may get some grenades or some other weak explosives later, but for now, he's just got a small sword. The right stuff None of them. Just standard Protodermis, not special at all. Because there's nothing cooler than shooting fire from your fingers. Well, he takes less damage from elemental attacks used in a row, but he's not very sturdy to start with. None of these. What's your mask power? Note: If your species can not use a mask or your character does not use a mask skip this section Can't use his Huna. From here to there. How does your character move about? -Ride a Kikalano or something similar? (1 Point) He rides a wolf-fish thing that can run and swim. If your transportation is mechanical, how customized is this thing? It's not mechanical, how dare you refer to Najariku as mechanical! Take half Points if you're a Role Player for this next section. All in a day's work -Does the character save other character(s)? (1 Point.) He only saves people if he sees them or is being paid. I guess that'd give me a point. And it can't be cut in half, either, because it's 1. Accomplishments: Triple all Points for this section if your character just came into existence No powers except for his small, mildly useful attack adaption. Why do you do it? Tell me about your parents. Nope. I got nothing. He's never really had anyone close to him because he's one of the Matoran who just randomly popped into existence. Sure, his pet is close to him, but it's not dead. Why would you do something like that? -Because I need to right the wrongs of modern society and/or to create a better world (1 Point) He has a sense of right and wrong, and will do tasks not just for money, but if he feels it's right. Where did you learn to do that? Note: This counts towards stuff like expert swordsmanship, accurate marksmanship, and power manipulation. I will allow you to skip this section if your skill tends to be general, such as going from working on automobiles to working on motorcycles. However this is not skippable if the two fields are related but different. For example, spears and swords are both used in combat, but the fighting styles are completely different so you can not justify going from an expert swordsman to an expert spearsman -I was taught by an expert in the field over a couple of years (2 Point) He's fairly good with swords and throwing weapons/explosives, but not a master in either. It took him about 4 years to learn what he knows of these techniques. What other kinds of relationships does your character have with established characters, if any? Add the Points up for each character who qualifies. Note: Major characters in RPGs such as Zyrul from the Academy count towards this. -I don't know him (0 Points) Kanvolai is a complete stranger to Locus Abeo. He knows nobody yet. (At this Point the override ends, and you start counting Points again)` I fought my rival, and: Kanvolai doesn't have a rival. And my total is...9 points! On an RPG character! Not bad, I'd say!
  2. No, I'll get my Avohkii on August 15, 2009.

  3. You don't put the link into your sig, you click the link, then copy the web address, then put the plain address in image tags.

    I hope you'll like the experiment!

  4. Shouldn't you already have an avohkii?



    And Galacta Knight is epic WIN.

  6. got it off photobucket, just search pon and zi

  7. Ok, please tell me where you found the comics you feature in your avatar/signature. I love those comics...

  8. Yay, another Fire Emblem fan!

    I got killed on Floor 10 of the Lagdou Ruins last night ;_;

  9. *Agrees with Dlakii*

    *Almost wishes he could change name to Jaffar: Angel of Death*

  10. Bulbasaur is cool but I also like Squirtle and Charmander too!


  12. Late (=P) congrats on 3 years, Gata!

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