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  1. IC: Matilda - Home Matilda frowned a little at the mess, that undoubtedly she was going to have to clean up. "Hey, Rudy. Making a mess, I see." ~ IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She smiled brightly. "I believe I have some matters to attend to. Until we meet again, friend."
  2. OOC: Gonna try and post here more often, sorry about my absence. Also I'm just gonna reply where I left off, hopefully nothing's happened to circumvent that. I'll check after posting, because I like to roll those dice. IC: Matilda - Finally Home "I'd appreciate that. Thanks." They arrived back home with their pies. Thankfully, the house wasn't on fire. Yet. ~ IC: Armani - Top of the Tower Armani's player had forgotten a lot of the context of the immediate conversation. So Armani patted Hakkzan's shoulder- again, carefully- and stood from her seat. "Of course, Your Spikiness. And remember: if you have need of me, even if only to talk, you need only say the word."
  3. I've been fairly busy with real life commitments, and have accidentally let Skyrise fall by the wayside. I'll try to incorporate replying into my daily routine from now on, though.
  4. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She put an armoured hand carefully on Hakkzan's spiny shoulder, and offered a brighter smile. "Mistakes and bad choices are things we all make, Your Spikiness," she said. "What matters is what you do about them after they are made."
  5. OOC: Sorry, have been busy as of late IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She sighed. "You may well be right, unfortunately." These rumours still perplexed her. There were people who sought to gain from New Atero breaking out in civil war, of course, but was it anything more than a simple rumour gone awry? She gave Hakkzan a tired smile; these mysteries could wait. "I appreciate your honesty on the matter, Your Spikiness. Even if it came after the fact." ~ IC: Matilda - Walking Home She nodded absently. "Sounds fun. I was thinking of going exploring sometime, myself. Look around some more, for... for someone. Something."
  6. IC: Matilda - Bakery She smiled, paying for the pies and picking them up. "Yeah, definitely." After thanking the baker, she started heading back home with Voyin in tow. "Seen anything interesting in the wastelands recently?" ~ IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "Hmm." That didn't settle her concerns, but she nodded anyway. "I do hope this gets remedied. The last thing we need right now is civil unrest."
  7. OOC: Sorry about the wait, been a little busy. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She smiled a little. "Ah. The younger generation can forget what has come before, Your Spikiness, but they are what comes after. While I think it is important to remember the lessons history has taught us... perhaps some things are better left in the past." Her smile slipped a little. "I do worry, however, about these informants. I do not wish to doubt the Commander, but... surely, he would be able to tell us more?" ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "Oh. Well, you're sounding way more clear these days. Must be all the practice."
  8. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "His kind, Your Spikiness?" Armani asked. "Whatever do you mean?"
  9. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She wasn't sure what to make of Coyle's tone, but smiled, nonetheless. "Please do! I care very much for the people here. As I am sure the both of you do." ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery Matilda requested that pie from the baker, as well as the berry pies Garuda wanted. She glanced to Voyin. "What have you been up to?"
  10. IC: Matilda - Bakery She smiled a little as she entered the bakery with Voyin. "All right, you can pick out something for yourself. I'll get it along with the pies." ~ IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "Of course, Commander. But, I can assure you, it was not a happy time. I lived through the divides forced upon us- divides by class, divides by gender, divides between us and the Agori and Glatorian. I was there when Tuma ordered us to leave the women to die to raging fires and merciless shapeshifters. A military dictatorship is not what we want." A change in subject was called for, perhaps, to defuse the situation. "What we want is something done about these rumours. True or not. Either they are true, and the people of New Atero may well be facing unrest from the inside, or they are false, and we must find the source of these rumours. Neither I nor His Spikiness are your enemy in this, Commander. We all want the same thing: what is good for the residents of New Atero."
  11. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "With all due respect, Commander," Armani said, sounding concerned, "as I recall, a military dictatorship did not serve us well in the past. Returning to it is far less than desirable." ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "That's the spirit." Matilda held the door to the bakery open. "To be honest... Garuda had to see something today I really hoped she could avoid. I think it bothered her a lot. But, I think seeing you will help her forget about it."
  12. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She glanced at Main Man Hakkzan briefly before saying, "As a military matter, it would likely concern me, I would assume." ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "Berry pies. Garuda gets to pick what we have for dinner tonight." She gave a half smile. "I can pick you up whatever pie you want, too. No reason to limit yourself to just one pie, huh?"
  13. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower Something about this didn't feel right. The Commander was dodging questions, insisting this source could be trusted, but would not even say who this source was. But, then again, this was the standard protocol for confidential informants. Besides, it was clear he wasn't going to answer her questions on the matter. Perhaps it was best to leave it for now. "Sir, if you have spoken to them already on the matter, are you able to share what they had to say about today's events?" ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "Huh? Oh!" Matilda glanced to the bakery. "That's the bakery. A place to buy food. I was about to stop in there to buy dinner... Hey, speaking of, are you doing anything at the moment? I'm sure Garuda would love to see you."
  14. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "I understand, Commander, but we should have someone speak to them, Skrall or otherwise. Their information has put us in the middle of this situation." ~ IC: Matilda - Bkaeyr Pies it was. It didn't take long to get to the bakery, and outside, she spotted a familiar face. "Voyin! Hey!"
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