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  1. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She wasn't sure what to make of Coyle's tone, but smiled, nonetheless. "Please do! I care very much for the people here. As I am sure the both of you do." ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery Matilda requested that pie from the baker, as well as the berry pies Garuda wanted. She glanced to Voyin. "What have you been up to?"
  2. IC: Matilda - Bakery She smiled a little as she entered the bakery with Voyin. "All right, you can pick out something for yourself. I'll get it along with the pies." ~ IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "Of course, Commander. But, I can assure you, it was not a happy time. I lived through the divides forced upon us- divides by class, divides by gender, divides between us and the Agori and Glatorian. I was there when Tuma ordered us to leave the women to die to raging fires and merciless shapeshifters. A military dictatorship is not what we want." A change in subject was called for, perhaps, to defuse the situation. "What we want is something done about these rumours. True or not. Either they are true, and the people of New Atero may well be facing unrest from the inside, or they are false, and we must find the source of these rumours. Neither I nor His Spikiness are your enemy in this, Commander. We all want the same thing: what is good for the residents of New Atero."
  3. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "With all due respect, Commander," Armani said, sounding concerned, "as I recall, a military dictatorship did not serve us well in the past. Returning to it is far less than desirable." ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "That's the spirit." Matilda held the door to the bakery open. "To be honest... Garuda had to see something today I really hoped she could avoid. I think it bothered her a lot. But, I think seeing you will help her forget about it."
  4. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower She glanced at Main Man Hakkzan briefly before saying, "As a military matter, it would likely concern me, I would assume." ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "Berry pies. Garuda gets to pick what we have for dinner tonight." She gave a half smile. "I can pick you up whatever pie you want, too. No reason to limit yourself to just one pie, huh?"
  5. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower Something about this didn't feel right. The Commander was dodging questions, insisting this source could be trusted, but would not even say who this source was. But, then again, this was the standard protocol for confidential informants. Besides, it was clear he wasn't going to answer her questions on the matter. Perhaps it was best to leave it for now. "Sir, if you have spoken to them already on the matter, are you able to share what they had to say about today's events?" ~ IC: Matilda - Bakery "Huh? Oh!" Matilda glanced to the bakery. "That's the bakery. A place to buy food. I was about to stop in there to buy dinner... Hey, speaking of, are you doing anything at the moment? I'm sure Garuda would love to see you."
  6. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "I understand, Commander, but we should have someone speak to them, Skrall or otherwise. Their information has put us in the middle of this situation." ~ IC: Matilda - Bkaeyr Pies it was. It didn't take long to get to the bakery, and outside, she spotted a familiar face. "Voyin! Hey!"
  7. IC: Armani - W h o a D u d e Armani took a deep breath. "I believe, Your Spikiness, that this is exactly the sort of thing I was concerned about. Generalising the actions of few to apply to the many. Old wounds reopening. Generalising the actions of those like Tuma to all Skrall, Your Spikiness, will not lead anywhere good." She gestured to herself. "I am Skrall. And I believe it is no secret that I do not condone Tuma's past actions in the slightest. You know this. Surely, it is not impossible to imagine that there are others who feel the same?" She glanced to Coyle. "Though, I would think we should speak to your informants, Commander. It seems the entire situation stemmed from their information." ~ IC: Matilda - Tesara She shook her head with a small laugh, and then headed for the bakery.
  8. IC: Armani - Whoa Dude "With all due respect, Your Spikiness," Armani said, looking a tad disappointed, "The Skrall people are not the ones causing the problem. It sounds as if this group- if there does exist such a group- is, if they do happen to be Skrall, likely a minority of Skrall. Furthermore, why would we as a people wish to bring about distrust upon ourselves?" ~ IC: Matilda - Sigh She sighed, but ruffled Garuda's hair anyway. "Okay, kiddo. I'll go get those pies. I'll be right back, so stay in the house and don't play in the kitchen, okay?"
  9. IC: Matilda - Home She landed in her own parking spot, walking over to Garuda. "You still set on those pies? I can go get them while you go get settled in." ~ IC: Armani - Top of the Tower "What did you have in mind, Commander?"
  10. IC: Armani - The Tower, Upstairs "Not that honest, Commander. I was referring to a statenent such as, the Guard acted rashly on concerning information, as we feared the wellbeing of our people was at stake- and we made a mistake. That sort of thing. I don't much care for lying, but... sometimes, omission of detail is necessary. I understand that." ~ IC: Matilda - Following Garuda She followed after Garuda, keeping a careful eye on her as they flew.
  11. IC: Armani - The Tower, Upstairs She thought for a moment, and then said, "Commander, I believe His Spikiness may be correct. In matters such as this, utmost care has to be made to ensure that you do not accidentally further the cause of a potentially dangerous group in trying to stop them." She managed a small smile. "But... it may not be too late. The public apology will be a good start. Thankfully, no one was physically hurt, and your intentions were noble. An honest and direct approach will show the people we are willing to take responsibility for what has been done. Hiding it will only make things worse, I feel."
  12. IC: Matilda - Leaving Corpse Party "Alright." She climbed onto Trash of the Desert. "I'll follow you. Lead the way, Captain Rudy."
  13. IC: Armani - The Tower, Upstairs Armani was no fool. She was aware her situation required tact, and understanding. She had known Hakkzan long enough to understand he was not the sort to do these sorts of things lightly. There had to be a reason, something more than hearsay. And, his talk with Coyle... something was going on. "I believe you to be a good person, Your Spikiness," she began. "I know you and the Commander would never condone such actions if the situation weren't dire. But, Tuma or not, those Skrall are your people. And I worry that this has shown not only them, but the rest of the citizens of New Atero, the act without the dire situation behind it. Others may fear the same happening to them. Others still may find this to unearth long buried notions of the trustworthiness of Skrall." She looked him in the eyes, not stern, not angry, but understanding. "I am loyal to you and to New Atero, Your Spikiness. You know this. And you must know that if something is threatening our city, something that would drive you and the Commander to take such extreme lengths, I want to be informed, so I can better protect our people. I do not doubt the Commander's credibility, nor that of his informants. But were the words of the informants the sole reason for these actions being taken?"
  14. IC: Matilda - Heading to Ships Matilda smiled a little, heading for where they'd parked their vehicles. On the way, she growled to any remaining Zesk to scatter; there would be no food found here right now. "Can you drive? Or do you want to get a ride with me? I can get someone to tow your ship back up later."
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