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  1. Thanks for all the coments. i havent been on in a wile and now im thinking about improving the legs but im having an issue finding a way to do it with out making him to tall. so if any one has suggestions and or could show me how to fix it that would be great! (also i apoligize if this revives an old topic and im not suposed to or someting havent been on the forum in a wile and dont really remember the rules.) yeah im not sure what you mean by those peaces, could you show me an example?
  2. So a wile back i made This Guy... and his arms were kinda small and was lacking an original body so i revamped him. with out further ado here you are.Galleryhope you like it!
  3. I've missed this site

  4. somewhere in the depths of the old bzp there is a ton of this stuff i still have a lot of it somewhere on my computer also. but i like the additions you have made good job!
  5. Hello bzp, I'm back! you probably didn't even know i was gone but nevertheless I'm back, and I have some cool new mocs to show you. So to start off i have a Onepu revamp so check it out.FrontBack: with disk holder, without disk holderSideLegArmDisk throw: 1, 2Put 'em up!Hope you like it!
  6. Okay. Hope it goes well.

  7. im not sure to seeing how i failed last time... but ill probably try

  8. good im geting back into bionicle a bit thinking of matbe doing comics again but i think im going to draw them from hand

  9. for now bionicle wars but i need to come up with a better name

  10. Awesome :D whats your game called?

  11. hahaha yeah ive been good. i just got back here a few days ago.. i just was reading some of the books and i remembered about the game i made (i just recently posted) but yeah im back at least for a little =P

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