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    Yea I like Blink.<br />Whatcha gonna do about it?<br />EXACTLY, NOTHING. ;P<br />I'm writing this from my iPhone so it's hard to write in all caps. D;

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  1. ^ "(for example, proving adults that we aren't all mindless video game zombies )"Um, he's not separating himself from the generation.
  2. For the sake of a huge rant, let's just say I prefer the Sunday Funnies.
  3. I agree with the guy a few posts above. Parents are the reason 99% of the time. According to Frontline, there has been a substantial increase in the diagnosis of disorders like ADHD and Bi-Polar disorder since the 2000's began. And I don't think it's the technology or genetics. I think some parents misinterpret immaturity with disoder. Parents are also purchasing all of ther food, entertainment, and clothes. They are allowing the next generation to access "things we didn't have as kids." My generation's "worst" game was Super Smash Bros, but if we were really lucky and had an older brother, we would have Turok or Rainbow 6, and if we were blessed, we would have GTA. My friend is currently 11 and has been playing CoD since WaW came out. I see some of his friends on social networks and they dress in short reflections of the Jersey Shore cast. This may be just me, but they may be a little too young for that. Kids are also absorbing a lot of media. And I don't think they are watching Spongebob. I don't see how hard it is today to put parental controls on a TV, nor is it hard to monitor one's child on the internet, like, say, checking the history. Heck, video games should be the easiest to control! I'm not saying "NO IPAD FOR KID" or the like. I believe in embracing tech; my school may drop books and rent us tablets for interactive & superior eText Books. That would vastly improve our education. Kids are fair game, but they really shouldn't be using tech to kill for points, nor to look at memes all day, which I find worse than an hour of "It's T-Shirt Time!!!" I dunno, but if I was a parent, I would give my child my nintendo all-star collection (minus the Wii, because I despise it!), and hope rap isn't nearly as popular as it is today (which it may not be, because there was an inverse change between rock & rap, where rap declined 10%). I guess I would let them play graphic games when they reach a certain maturity, not age, because I would be overprotective otherwise. But, seriously, how dis I get to talking about fictional kids?? Oh yea! I guess the gist of my rant is that parents need to supervise their child, gain control, and ask themselves, "do I really want my child like this." I feel like they are influencing the next generation in more ways than they think.Feel free to tear this apart lol, I'm just rambling because of my former current issues course.
  4. I just replayed the campaign to Reach.I learned a few things:1) At the end of Pillar of Autumn when you're facing the two Hunters with Emile, at the entrance with the dead soldier and the shotgun there's a sloped wall/roof which you can walk up and go on top of the tunnel. It really helps against the Hunters especially since I only had the dmr and shotgun.2) Spartan Weapons are so much more useful than Covenant weapons in campaign atleast. Save for the Plasma Pistol.3) I'm much better at multiplayer than campaign.4) Reach has an amazing story. (I've only played Reach and ODST;( )I really want to buy CE, then 2, then 3.
  5. I thought my post was clear; I guess I have to reiterate.They have complete control on their message boards. They have no control over us. We can go pretty far with discussion on a lucky day the moderators don't notice. Their conversations would be pretty bad, since on a lucky day for them a post gets approved (if it is approved) within a day. They don't want us to, so we want to respect them and keep an established relationship and keep all of the perks, like having the author of Bionicle, and Lego Magazine Editor (I think?), I don't know, be a member? It's not about hypocrisy, it's about being respectful.
  6. What are you talking about?! The heavy moderation of every post on the Lego message boards is exactly my point! Lego reads every post, so obviously they're okay with discussion of leaked images, so I'm saying we should be able to discuss them on here (I also think we should be able to link to them, but I see why not there, so that's besides the point).Besides, Lego banned Greg from talking to members he doesn't know are over 13 (almost everybody), and he hasn't made contact with anybody since sometime in October.Greg has been a member for as long as I can remember being here. That was pretty great when we could have discussion with him, an since his current status is getting an online "license," breaking a few rules that Lego would not support may scare him away. And I guess I have to clarify that when I mean they have total control on their forums, they have total control. If anyone tries to link, go too far, or break the rules, they won't show up. We can, though. It may take 5 minutes for the moderators to notice, or 2 hours. Lego has a problem with us discussing it on another uncontrollable website, I think if we want to stay with our good status with Lego, we should follow their rules.
  7. And those forums are completely moderated to the point that posts have to be approved of. They have total control over what people say so I think it's safe for them to let their own forum do what it wants. Our forum has all of these freedoms that would allow us to actually link to the pictures and keep talking about it. They don't want that because they were illegaly leaked. If we did that we'd lose all of these great priveledges like getting exclusives like special prizes, invites, and even having Greg as a member to answer questions and talk with us. Leaked images and loosened rules would really make our site just like the rest.
  8. I was watching Unknown the other night and noticed a glaring plot detail that the characters never thought of. There was no way to find out who Liam Neeson actually is. They never used a DNA machine, fingerprint matcher, etc. He went to a hospital twice and they didn't ever question who he was. He didn't have an ID or anything, so wouldn't they say something?Anyways, What plot holes/flaws have you guys seen in other movies?
  9. There's just one thing with light guitars like hollow-body and the SG. They're really neck heavy. I'm basically carrying the neck when I'm standing. I always play sitting down thankfully. :PHey did anyone get Rocksmith? I got it for Christmas and it's an amazing game! It's sort of irksome when you already play, but the Guitarcade is the coolest thing. The adaptive difficulty needs a lot of improvement, and I wish I could choose a starting difficulty, but the concept is still great. Not a teaching tool, but I guess it can be to learn songs easily and to improve technique.What do you guys think of it?
  10. Jaller Mahri and Matoro Mahri were good.Ackar and Mata Nui were pretty sweet.But in my opinion, Skrall and Strakk take the cake for using it the best.
  11. ^This for sure.Especially after watching Back and Forth.They deserve every Grammy they're nominated for this year.Some runners up:Mylo Xyloto, by Coldplay -Nuff saidScreaming Bloody Murder, by Sum 41 -I miss they're former selves a lot, but I can settle for this. :PNeighborhoods, Blink-182 -This is just my inner Blink fan talking.I would also say LOVE Pt. 2 if I had it...
  12. If anyone would like to talk about politics, why don't they do it on another forum? Politics seriously divides us Americans. I think some personal vendettas would start and wars would leave the topic, like a member above said and explained very well. This isn't the site for it. Not a good idea, in my opinion.And you can really only speak for yourself when talking about the political maturity of members. Last I checked, even slightly political topics start massive wars. I don't think I need to remind anyone of the banner war before the downtime.
  13. Not a big fan of Strats, nor Fender. The seven string looks cool, but I'd rather have it in a less ugly color. :PI upgraded to an Epiphone G400 in all black last October. It's amazing, but the back doesn't agree with me. That's why I kinda miss my old Strat lol..My dream guitar is a double cut Gibson/Epiphone ES. It was like hearing heaven when I played one at Guitar Center.
  14. Rule benders with a history of devoting themselves to seeing how far they can go; bringing up innappropriate tangents, being offensive, disrespecting everyone, blah blah. They kinda kill the good mood here and make me wonder what people do at home. I mean, this is a site about Bionicle!Perfectly fine with our rules, though. I think I've only broken the signature one like once. Yeah, I'm bad. :PBut I actually like the staff here. They're really helpful and nice. I don't really see intimidation at all, except when enforcing rules. Keep up the great work staff!
  15. I prefer Blink and +44.Blink isn't underrated, and +44 neeeeds to make another album! They're pretty underrated too, though.
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