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    I love bionicle and I have since year one. Beside that I love tennis. Well, I occasionally watch the show Naruto, though I think it has lost it's way. I like Kingdom Hearts. Also, I liked the show FullMetal Alchemist, too bad it was cancelled. Also, I just got SoulCalibur IV, best... game... ever. Also, I hang out with my friends, mostly Daarkhao, a member here on BZP.<br /><br />By the way, for those of you who know Daarkhao, here are some truths about him.:P He is an ageless leprechaun, not fourteen. Also, he's fond of putting lead in his -and others- food. That is all.<br /><br />And Ceyrox. Another member on here. He is my twin brother, and so, do not get upset if he says something bad about me.(He says far worse at our house) Not that we hate each other, but we tease each other all the time. I think that is all. SEACREST OUT!

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    Ceyrox wasn't here
  1. Hello, you haven't been on lately...

  2. The KH director said that he has ideas for KH3...and it isn't fake this time

  3. Wait a minute... I've been here before -_-

  4. Soul Calibur also FTW!

  5. Kingdom Hearts FTW!

  6. The sites that were involved in the prank made a fake KH3 logo and fake interviews with the director. I'm mad, but I have to admit that the logo was pretty cool. Well, let's just hope that there will be some REAL KH3 news soon... See ya, later...

  7. I just learned that the big KH announcement that was supposed to come this week was just an April Fool's joke. It made me SSSOOOO MAD!!! Anyway, sorry to get your hopes up.

  8. I agree. Now, I'm going to go crazy thinking about the worlds of KH3...

  9. Well, not a later one anyway.

    And the graphics for Cars would be just too weird.

  10. Why don't you want Cars? Well, I guess it would be kinda stupid. (How would Sora fight?) I hope we get some more Pirates. It was my favorite Disney world from KH2.

    P.S. I'll tell you the news whenever it is announced. I just hope it's not a release date for BbS or Coded...

  11. I'm not that up to KH news... when you hear it, can you tell me? Also, I hope they do what they did in KH2. Keep some of the best worlds, and cut-out the bad ones. And add some other disney movies, but hopefully stay away from the recent movies, like Cars, Wall-E, and Monsters vs. Aliens. All in all, I hope its a great sequel. (Although I know it will be)

  12. I hope that they have some worlds from recent movies. (I wonder what a Sora from Cars would look like?) Hopefully, the only old worlds would be the original ones... I wouldn't mind more of Riku either. CoM didn't cut it.

    P.S. Tetsuya Nomura stated in a recent magazine that there would be a big Kingdom Hearts announcement next week! Maybe KH3...

  13. What do you hope they have in the hopefully upcoming KH3? I hope you can still be Sora, and after beating his story, being able to be Riku, the new Riku, would be cool. I can't get enough of him past that fifteen seconds as him in Xemnas's battle.

  14. Cool, I hope its a console game.

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