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    You don't need to know my location
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    I have six main interests. I'll list them in order of awesomeness. As you'll find out, I'm a bit of a pyromaniac.<br /><br />1. Bionicle, 'nuff said.<br /><br />2. Star Wars<br /><br />3. Blowing stuff up. It's just awesome.<br /><br />4. Science. Mostly the fields of biology, paleontology, and chemistry.<br /><br />5. Firepits. I just love throwing things in them. especially boxes of Nerds. It's like mini fireworks!<br /><br />6. Reading. It's quiet and calming.

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  1. Looks great! My friend tried to make a Scorpion once and it didn't turn out so well. Bink, did you think of making a Warthog to go with that?
  2. And I poke your profile back!

  3. AWESOME!! That is one of the best Bionicle songs ever! For me, it's tied with Gravity Hurts for the #1 best. Great job Bink!
  4. YOU got a pallete expander too? Mine hurt a LOt for the first few days, but you get used to it. You'll get it off in six months
  5. Raequan


    Yes! Binky's back! All hail the great Binkmeister!
  6. Congratulations Turakii, or should I say Ms. Turakii: Staff Member. *Glomps*

  7. hey ur sig LIES u r an armored protector not a seeker lol

  8. I lol'd when I saw your comment: "Scooping cat droppings pays pretty well too." xD

  9. Personally, I'd want Mazeka to have the blog, OoMN and BoM to be the text serial and the Hagah be the podcast, IMO
  10. I guess you're right. Whatever, Kankuro's pretty awesome too.

  11. I can clearly tell by your name that you like Naruto, too. NARUTO ROCKS!!

    So, I like Zabuza, Kakashi, Rock Lee, and Nara Shikamaru.


    Who do you like? Leave me a comment.

  12. Strange. Very Strange.

  13. Hello there! A member name, Resev needs your vote! Can you please vote for him in his blog: Resev vs. D-Exo? Remember your vote will count and you can find his name on my friendlist if you want to go to his profile faster. Thanks for your cooperation.

  14. Hi, i'm number 30. We should get membership cards for this.
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