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  1. Entry #1 Entry Name: Hexendoktor III Entry Pic: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/mfarhan9310/Oneshots/herr_hexendoktor.jpg ----------------------------------------------------- Entry #2 Entry Name: Avodrakh, Golden Scourge Entry Pic: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/mfarhan9310/Oneshots/avodrakhmainpic.jpg ----------------------------------------------------- Entry #3 Entry Name: Cragtuma, Prowling Warlord (TransforMOC) Entry Pic: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/mfarhan9310/Oneshots/cragtumamainpicjpg.jpg
  2. @X-G. 12: I somewhat agree on the rubber tires. Perhaps it was caused by the different types of lighting used when building and taking photographs, but they seemed to blend right in when I put them there. As for the tiny feet, I actually used Vezon's feet at first, but I felt it looked more reptilian than insectoid, and insect feet are actually too small to distinguish from their legs anyway. Not insulting Farhan's creativity, but that's a pretty common idea, just so you know.Yes, the enlarged head was intentional. And those swords were quite literally added at the last minute. They were the only weapons I had at hand that fit in with the insect theme.
  3. It's been quite a while since I've posted anything on BZPower at all, so I feel the new BBCC is a perfect time to rejuvenate my post count. This here's Beelzebub. He's a pretty quick build made off of a WIP I made using Big Chill's wings from the Ben 10 line. I just wanted to utilize those pieces as torso armor. I might not be the first one to do it, but I've always loved how it flows into the body. The design and coloration is based off of the Calliphora vomitoria, better known as the blue bottle fly. An early name for him was the Sapphire Trumpeter, because I imagine the annoying buzzing sound flies make would either sound like a war trumpet or small jet engine when enlarged to human size. C&C are welcomed.
  4. Entry Name: Beelzebub, Sapphire SwordsmanEntry Pic URL: Here.Forum Topic URL: Will be added. Here.
  5. Yaaaaay, Kanaya as Audrey Hepburn! c:

  6. I Don't Know Whether The Fact That I Live Only A Few Hours Away From Jake's Island Is Awesome Or Terrifying.There Are Actually Legends Here Regarding White-Colored Larger Versions Of Animals Crawling Around In Remote Areas. Coincidence? I Think Not.And Is It Just Me, Or Is Teen Lalonde The Most Adorable Character Introduced Thus Far?
  7. 1. Have you changed since BZP came back?Yes, yes I have.2. How have you changed?I've matured a bit, became interested in online roleplaying, and entered several new fandoms. I also became somewhat addicted to Social Networking.3. Have you noticed anyone else change?Everyone I knew became bronies.4. *insert pointless question here*LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOMESTUCK.
  8. Well Hello There How Are Things Between You And Your Lower Half

    1. Touko Fukawa

      Touko Fukawa

      oh i see comin to gloat about killin me are you howw vvery nice of you kan i thought wwe wwere glubbin friends

  9. Wow My Friend I Almost Forgot The Three Years Were Up Already

  10. Honk Yeah How Did It Feel After I Kicked You Off A Cliff

    1. Gamzee Makara

      Gamzee Makara

      this site blocks too much to say


      ow :o(

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