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  1. IC: SolarisONU-METRUHad Solaris not been under the influence of Bit's staffs, there were several million ripostes he could have made, but was forced to tell it as it was."I fell asleep in the chutes and when I woke up, I was in Onu-Metru," he explained. "I was now in Dark Hunter territory, so I wanted to hide from Dark Hunters. And my name is Corporal Solaris Ryken, 3rd Squad, 7th Infantry Battalion, Metru Nui Marine Corps, Metru Nui Protectorate."Being a zealot of order was tiring.
  2. IC: TF141Pordal remembered where to find a good doctor. He walked into the hut and was immediately tended to. He took off his mask and the doctor wiped up the blood and put a poulticed bandage over the cut before he put it back on. He walked back out in front of the shop, ready to go.Sirron timed it just perfectly. He had swum a good distance out and was able to ride the wave back to shore."That is some bloody good fun," he exclaimed. His hood was wet.Gren smiled, wading in the water.
  3. IC: Solaris, AliaONU-METRUSolaris couldn't have reacted to the blow and didn't. He blinked once, listening to the question."I came down here to hide," he answered. "I could not hide, so I decided to disguise myself.""Hamburgers," Alia answered, carrying the plates into the bedroom. "It was all I could find that was... edible, really."
  4. IC: TF141Pordal looked over at the new girl. Oh, he didn't notice her when he barged in.Gren dived into the water and swam out, getting hit by a huge wave and being pushed back to shore."You've got something on your face," Sirron said. Then he laughed.Gren was used to that joke. At least he understood it.
  5. IC: Pordal"That sounds bloody brilliant," Pordal answered, gingerly touching the wound on his face.
  6. IC: AliaONU-METRUAlia began to prepare dinner, exploring what ingredients were in the cabinets. She decided that a couple hamburgers and some juice would do just fine. Just as long as the stove was working... nope. Good thing it was a gas stove. She struck her flint above one of the burners and began to cook.
  7. IC: TF141Pordal wrenched the knife out of the tablet and sheathed it."Just fine," he answered, coming out of the room.Altal quickly put out his cigar and stowed it in his satchel, picking up his firestaff and tablet before exiting himself."Good luck son," he said. "It's your team, now."With that, he walked out of the shop.Sirron dived into the wave and was immediately washed back to shore."They've got some good waves down at Naho Bay," he exclaimed running back up to Gren.Gren nodded, just finishing applying his sunscreen."You'd better go in soon," Sirron warned. "Waves like this don't last all day."Gren nodded again, standing.
  8. IC: AliaONU-METRU"Of course," Alia said, seeing the nervous look in Steela's eyes. "And don't worry, anyone comes in here, they'll be joining the Skakdi that used to live here."She walked out of the room and into the kitchen, not bothering to put on her armor.
  9. IC: Sirron, Gren"Ah, finest, that's always nice," Sirron said, pressing one of the towels to his face. "Karz. Sometimes I forget that darn hood is there. Lessee, twenty widgets."He pulled them out of his satchel and handed them to Gamelia."Pleasure doing business with you, miss," he said, turning to join Gren.Gren sighed. One of these days, being a strange person would get Sirron killed.
  10. IC: AliaONU-METRU"Yeah, they all say something like that," Alia sighed.She looked out the window."It's getting late," she said. "I'll go make dinner."
  11. IC: Sirron, GrenSirron reached into his satchel and pulled out five widgets he handed them to Gamelia."Towels, Gren!" he suddenly said, taking two towels off a rack. "How could you forget those? How much for the towels?"Gren decided to leave now before Sirron made a complete fool of himself.
  12. IC: AliaONU-METRU"Well..." Alia said, stepping forward.OOC: Several hours later...
  13. IC: Sirron, Gren"It's not that he's cold," Sirron said, answering for his silent friend, "it's just that he knows the story behind my... skull hood."Gren nodded."But some sun would do us both good," Sirron went on. "How about a trip to the beach, Sergeant?"Gren thought about it for a moment, then nodded.
  14. IC: AliaONU-METRUAlia walked into the bedroom, closing the door behind Steela."Let's talk about off-duty privileges," she said, her smile widening.
  15. IC: Alia, BoforAlia walked to the campfire and began cooking a nice breakfast while her boss snoozed. She couldn't wait to get paid. Stealing was such hard work, especially when you have a gang of Skakdi chasing you through some grand old jungle.Bofor had the dream again. Mage got away. Every time. He would kill him soon enough.And in real life.
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