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  1. I REALLY wish that people would learn that the contents of the boxes are partially random, in that there's usually a guaranteed 3 of each character, with randoms thrown in to round the number out.Each of these is equally likely to get from a fresh box, but after collectors have gotten through them you'll see many more skiers and DJs.Please learn!
  2. Looks really cool. Wonder if there'll be any other sets?
  3. I watched the first two episodes to see what the fuss is about.It's completely average so far, but I think I'm getting sucked in...Rivin
  4. Not in the way you'd think... :biggrin:In actuality though, I've never had this problem. Mind telling us which ones got sticky? Stormer's, WDs, or some silver ones you can't date?Rivin
  5. The weirdest thing... Since I just watched this episode on a whim yesterday.Love the MOC, hope you stay in the contest.Rivin
  6. I kind of don't want Furno to come back, but his red parts are OOOOOO so useful...Probably I'd pick:BreezFurnoStringerNexNew Female Hero in purpleRivin
  7. I like your idea. Although they're not MMOs, LEGO did release the online Ordeal of Fire and Savage Planet games.What's more, they're free to play and you can customize your own Heroes. I've had fun with both games, and I recommend them.Plus, you can buy your custom heroes through Hero Recon Team. I even got an exclusive code to use in the games with my purchase.-Toa Of JusticeNo need to quote stuff I already know...And I just bought WoW for $20. I have a month of game time and up to lvl 70. By the time my month is up I'll be buying the next expansion.Lego should learn from successful MMOs.Rivin
  8. I would say that I'm not particulary surprised.Things that hurt Lego Universe:-The controls. They were wonky and nonintuitive and the game made my computer lag a ton. As with many MMO developers, take note from WoW. Copy their controls. WoW controls are extremely easy to use, very clean, and can be rebound if you like. -Price. WoW costs ~ $20 (basic) plus $15 a month, but you get a huge world you will have to play through more than once. Runescape is free with $6 a month and while is kind of cool, is also really cheap. LU had near WoW price but with nowhere near as much content.-Content. Now I know Lu is aimed mostly at 8 year olds, but a major problem with this is how much money does an 8 year old often have? Had they upped the amount of content as well as aimed it slightly higher, (say, 11+) LU might have very well done good.-Parent Reaction. How would you, as a parent, feel if you bought your child Lego toy after Lego toy (which frankly look a lot alike), then they come up to you and want you to start paying a monthly fee for a computer game that they'd waste a lot of time on and then get bored with. All in all, LU was rather doomed.Now, a HF MMO with similar controls to WoW, (with equipment being armor on the heroes) could very well succeed if developed and priced right. Heck, I'd spend 5 bucks a month to play as a custom hero defeating baddies.RiV
  9. Hopefully for awhile, but I still wish for Bionicle. Rivin
  10. It doesn't resemble Rocka very much yes, but it's such an awesome helmet I'm not complaining. I'll probably end up using his 3.0 helmet instead, honestly. Rivin
  11. My Waspix box was lying around when my cat (only 5ish months old) came over and stuck her head in. Eventually she was pouncing on the box and shoving her entire body up to her legs into it. I'm not throwing that box away now. What do you do with your boxes? Rivin
  12. Yes. Uses pieces only from Scorpio AND uses all of them. Every. Last. One. Rivin+
  13. I actually dismantled this last night and rebuilt it into a more raptor/T-rex esque build. Still uses every last part. I might post it in this topic since it kind of looks like a dragon and employs the same idea- use every single last part. Rivin
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