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  1. I particularly like the claws, very clever use of the minifig hands. One suggestion would be to change the elbow joints - the system plates really stick out to me, everything else is so smooth and curved. This would make a great diorama if you made a few more MOCs to go with it.
  2. Everything flows very nicely, and it's easy to tell that it's a fusion. One detail you might add would be a equivalent of an R2 unit behind the cockpit. A Krana, or some other small Bionicle-related thing? A mask would be too big, though it would tie in nicely.
  3. At least Other M proved that a Metroid film would be amazingly awesome. I want a Metroid film. Like now. <3 -Seran
  4. Now move straight onto Majora's Mask. -Seran
  5. I don't actually like this. ;_; I don't like the lens, and I think in general it looks too angular. The Akaku will always be round to me. -Seran
  6. Beautiful, but it must be a visual medium...words don't count. -S
  7. ...what happened to Lemon Club Contest 3? Was it called Lemon Club Challenge? I don't remember Anyway, your citric task is... DESIGN A BOHROK/LEMON HYBRID! Despite the obvious physical impossibilities, imagine a hybrid creature, part Bohrok, part lemon! Then show us your vision! But how should you do this? Draw it, MOC it, paint it, create a 3D wireframe model, carve it into a passing rock, whatever visual medium you so prefer. Visual medium. It cannot be a dance. No. No it cannot. THE DEADLINE is sometime around March 14th, probably. Subject to change and time merely being an abstract construct in history as an illusion. GO FORTH AND CREATE! Have a nice time. -Seran Lemon Club Leader, Etcetera
  8. I'd be interested in voicing Makuta, I'm pretty good at creepy voices. -Seran
  9. Seranikai


    I'm afraid you all fail because Papyrus isn't a font at all, it's a typeface. Love, -Seran
  10. Girls are confusing. -Seran
  11. Loving the head, make the shoulders wider. -Seran
  12. Seranikai


    So, happy Singles Awareness Day! Although, this year Seran kind of isn't single, because he's kind of going out with someone...but Seran isn't entirely sure if said guy is really what Seran wants, but yeah. Fun. I know I said there would be MOCs. I know. But unfortunately I realised that I don't have enough pieces to make the Mata Nui MOC I was hoping to make, although I did get as far as making the head. Pics if you want them. And then there's Makuta, still lying in several pieces, because poor Seran just can't seem to make him work. At all. Maybe I should just make more Nexensis stuff or something. But then Seran wanted to remake the Ussanui... However, the overriding factor is uni...there's so much work to be done, it's quite scary. So much work, in fact, that I have to leave this entry here because I promised I'd finish an assignment by the end of the day, which I haven't done yet...don't ignore deadlines, kids! Nice talking (?) to you all. Love, -Seran
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