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    The better side of the fence. My grass is WAY greener
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    Um...being...roman?<br /><br />No. I'm not italian. Sorry, guys. I think you should be able to deduct my interests from my being on this site. And my playing video games. And from the fact that I wrote a bunch of stuff here. And- aww, darn...I gave em away already.<br /><br />All right, maybe I'll be one of dem folkers that has a way too long interest page that could be an entire blog. Like, every single year, piled up.<br /><br />Maybe I could be like rock559. He used to only be 14, but when I passed him in post count he retired and is now 98 and one of those old people who "mows their lawn all day, every day."<br /><br />So first up are my favorite V-games. Sorry, homestarrunner fans, that doesn't stand for Videlectrix games. But I will tell you that my favorite Videlectrix games are Hallrunner, Dungeon Master II, "Where's an egg?" and of course, Stinko Man. Back to the Video Games:<br />Metroid Prime (One, Three, and Hunters. Two was simply awful. Or as my English teacher would hate me for saying, "bogus.")<br />Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Way better than the other ones.<br />Golden Sun. That was a fun GBA game. Even with all the ridiculous explosions that somehow only attack one enemy.<br />Soul Calibur II. Not III. That game was...disgusting...to say the least...<br /><br />Next up are my favorite movies. Number one might be Princess Mononoke. That movie was...i dunno...better than normal anime. And I know Cap'n Bionicle and rock559 agree with me. And Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy was pretty awesome. Same with Monty Python and the Holy Grail.<br /><br />Favorite Bands are up to bat now. First up is Julien-k! That band is pretty awesome, even if they deny their awesomest song (Waking Up) exists. They did a song for Transformers, too.<br />Disturbed is also cool, when they're not creepy. Sons of Plunder is my favorite song of theirs. Now it's time to pollute this interests thing with Disturbed laughs! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Ow-Wha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!<br /><br />Yeah...that was...uncalled for...<br /><br />Oh yeah, and my favorite TV shows are:<br />Xiaolin Showdown. Purely hilarious.<br />Heroes: Cool show with aweomse people with ridiculous abilities.<br />Lost: Kinda creepy, kinda awesome. But I hate how late it's on; my dad doesn't let me stay up to see it so I'm behind like five episodes.

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  1. romansoldierdude

    Absence! 0:

    I don't know...2010 doesn't look as good as last year...it's not like Death to Analog is coming out early this year or anything. I wish I had the guts to actually consider a career in something I find very interesting. I mean, I would LIKE to write graphic novels and stories as a profession, but I don't think I have it in me. At least you do; that's pretty cool.
  2. romansoldierdude


    Gah! I have school on Monday and Tuesday this week? WHY?!?! Seriously, it makes no sense. Also, last minute gift time: Death to Analog.
  3. romansoldierdude

    I Wish...

    Gah, I hate days like that. Where so much [expletive] happens...like how I can't find a month's worth of classwork for math. Well, I hope you cobble it all together better than I do. Which I'm certain you can. Good luck! Also, maybe Death to Analog would help. Or maybe I'm just adding stress.
  4. romansoldierdude

    Sick Again.

    I blame you for the cold. Even though I have no idea what you're talking about. I think the cold is from you not having Death to Analog. I remember when my Pre-Calc grades were slipping. That was because I got a 12 out of 50 on a test. So I started the quarter with an N, and raised it to a B. This is how school works for me.
  5. ^This is what gets me yelled at. Every time I've had to write a paper for English, my parents complain that it took me way too long, and for my Biography assignment, my dad predicted I'd get a B or lower. I got an A. My English teacher said she loved the drawings I did for my timeline, and they had been done quickly the period before. What the heck.
  6. Being an author or graphic novel artist (if I ever stop sucking at drawing) are the only jobs that sound appealing to me. I worry that I'll suck at them, but really, I'm not sure there's anything else. With that thought, I REALLY need to write more. I have plenty of story ideas, but I never get around to writing them.
  7. Lol, yeah... However, our name fad is gonna end pretty soon.

  8. That movie is amazing.

    This makes me want to change my name to "The Prestige."

  9. New tagline: Death to Anablog. It's what I named my blog I had to make for English class. That doesn't mean you have no work ethic. Just the same work ethic we all have; very lacking. For example, I SHOULD be working on my major Biography project due this Wednsday, BUT WHO'S GUNNA MAKE MEH?! O=
  10. romansoldierdude


    Like how it's snowing already in Minnesota? THE LEAVES AREN'T EVEN FREAKING ORANGE YET
  11. romansoldierdude


    Aw... I thought this entry was about Death to Analog... But yay for obsessiveness. And reading is good too. I need to do more of that.
  12. I very much enjoyed this blog title. And the rest of us stranded on Planet Homework would like to say you're not alone. And we'll try to regroup if we have enough ammunition to fight off the homework zombies. (My ammunition is Death to Analog)
  13. Never happens to my Wii! Then again, nothing EVER happens to my Wii. Including me playing its games.
  14. NEED MOAR SLEEP DEATH TO ANALOG [/end blatant advertising] Done. Also, if I remember my retainer, I used toothpaste to make it smell less awful. And permanent retainers aren't as bad, so my twin brother says. I still has braces though...
  15. Yeah, for a while, Nightmare was almost as hard as Yakuza, but when you realize what you should do and you do it a couple of times, it's piece of cake.

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