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    I eat, drink and live Football (a.k.a soccer) and also a few other hobbies :3

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  1. I'd be excited if they made the vahi edible by making it from cheese! =Azimuth=
  2. Azimuth

    Nnoooooo D=

    I feel your pain man ;_; but Federer did play a bit slow than he usually does during the match. +Azimuth+
  3. Azimuth


    Black belt 3rd Dan +Azimuth+
  4. Azimuth

    Awesome Twist

    I thought in the description he was the only one defending the besieged fortress. Then again I might be wrong >_> =Azimuth=
  5. Azimuth


    The movie was a bit cheesy in my opinion. The ending is just..argh >.< =Azimuth=
  6. HAIYAAA*karate kicks*

  7. I want that bean bag chair. Buts its gonna cost me a lot of money.More than my wallet can hold . Congrats on your test, looks like you were lucky Aaroniero
  8. yup just got 4 of em ;)

  9. Get the game its worth every penny in your wallet. Though you need to also have extreme patience in this game too XP. Good luck with your tests, your gonna need all the luck you can get Aaroniero
  10. Azimuth


    Word error >_<, I meant to say better Aaroniero
  11. Azimuth


    Did you think through before changing because Bundalings the Bunny sounds better enough than suprise. Aaroniero
  12. Yeaa, like I said. Good place to let out your inner craziness and you spend too much on Cradle of Filth lol. Aaroniero
  13. I see no reason to neglect a blog. Its a wonderful place to let out your inner craziness =D Aaroniero
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