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  1. I have returned!

  2. Hey there, Derpman! I have just sent out a PM to all Ambage members, but was unable to send you a PM. If you would like to remain a member of the Ambage, please PM me ASAP (within a week at the latest) so that I can send you the information I sent everyone else, otherwise you will be removed from the list (but you mean always re-join). Thanks!

  3. This is more of a fun quirky topic for you guys to answer the inquiry posted in the title. Feel free to sound away.Obviously, there is potential for this to veer into areas that are not so good for BZP. Avoid that as you normally would under the BZP rules, or the report hammer shall fall upon thee without mercy.
  4. Ah, yes. The Dark Knight Rises. A cinematic juggernaut so freakishly large that it dragged it me to the theater on virtue of the fact that I actually really wanted to see it, not just because my friends were watching it: a sparkling gem that stood out in a stagnant pool of trivial, deplorable releases that have become the face of the mainstream Blockbuster. These days, every time I watch a major motion picture that occasionally demonstrates that Hollywood is capable of crafting material that isn't mindless schlock (or at the bare minium, mindless schlock that passes for legitimate entertainment e.g. The Avengers, I'm not that much of a cultural elitist) I feel rather comforted, as if the movie itself is a reassuring pat on the back to make me temporarily forget our decrepit cultural state. It's nice to have the medium of cinema partake in the reinforcement of the ever weakening barricade in my mind against the flooding idea that America has it's feet entrenched in a cesspool of rotting insipid, vapidness that is in danger of drowning what few silvers of artistic beauty, exigency, and integrity that have yet to be exploited and maligned by the singularity that exists as the modern entertainment complex.However, we are delving too far into my inner nerd psyche, and that is a truly scary place indeed. I must bring myself back onto track, or else my presence in this topic will be nothing more than somewhat over exaggerated ramblings. I saw Rises a week past, and the reason why it continues to stake a decent plot of ground in the evolving countryside that strings together my collective thoughts for one reason. It has nothing to do with the plot points, (which despite functioning excellently as a cohesive narrative, suffers from a minor myriad of problems that one could nitpick to no end) or the varied performances, which are largely phenomenal (Am I the only one who thought that Michael Caine completely stole the show?) or even the brilliant score. (nothing short of fantastic) No, it's themes and larger purpose which perpetually force their way into my reflections, and raise me to the following conclusion.The Dark Knight Rises, is by no means a perfect film. In fact, in my opinion it somewhat pales in comparison to its predecessor . It is, as the successful conclusion to Nolan's trilogy, an important film, one that merits discussion on the place of Blockbuster cinema and the Superhero genre in our society.
  5. Do you know if it is a common, uncommon, rare, or ultra-rare? I really want those upgrades, so I'm wondering if its better to spend my average 120,000 credit daily income on a Premium Spectre Pack and Jumbo Equipment or maybe try getting two Spectre packs instead, or some other combination.EDIT: And does anybody know if Bioware nerfed the geth infiltrator melee build? and made the female quarian engineer not suck?
  6. Well, she's a fully realized Avatar now, which has been defined as having complete control over the Avatar state. It irritates me that she was bestowed that and energybending, just for making a connection. If your connection is strong to receive that much chock free in an universe where powers are earned through hardwork, it annoys me. I thought that Korra would have to go full circle, and have to learn patience and spirituality, while struggling with only Airbending. Rather, the finale teaches us only of convient instant gratification, nothing else. Whether she still has more to master on the spiritual doesn't matter, the inconsistency with the theme of earning these kind of things is pretty damaging. Granted, Aang was pretty much given energybending, but that worked because his character had already had such a strong arch. Korra lacked that due to the plot oriented focus of the shorter season.Also, I wouldn't worry about the latter two books yet. I'm sure whatever they got, it isn't too contrived.
  7. oh god, I need that New Friends poster. Not because I like the design, no just because I adore that Bolin doodle. However, I have a Book 3 Disk 3 poster that I got signed from Bryan and Mike at NYCC '08, so I should be happy.I ordered The Promise: Part 1 off Amazon roughly a month or two ago and enjoyed it profusely. Its a worthwhile continuation of the original story. I'm just too stingy right now to pick up the second one, but I will someday. Mainly, I'm excited about The Search. I was extremely happy with the Book 2 news until I thought and realized it was exactly what I originally wanted from Book 2, except for the particular character development and energybending mythos that would have arose had the finale cut two minutes earlier. It just makes me more confused and baffled as to why they decided to perform that bait and switch and in the process topple one of the core themes of the series through; I'm not that excited for Book 2 anymore, because I hate to say that this is the first time I've ever been let been down in Avatar or Korra. :lEDIT: Actually, I was wrong. I was disappointed when the mechs were reveled in 'The Aftermath' and I remember saying to a friend that had the potential to hamper the quality of the series if they were used to the same extent as the Fire Nation tanks, but the last three episodes proved me wrong. So I could very wrong about the next book.
  8. Hey, I was wondering how do you get more then 2 supply bonuses (medi-gel, missile launchers, ammo packs, op packages) in co-op. I know you can get five, even in Silver, which strikes me as slightly overpowered, but handy. Do you need a certain amount of each type in stock? If so, how many?
  9. the different font displayed below is coming straight from Bryan's tumblr. basically, a book is still a season from the viewers standpoint, as it still has the complete story arch and the first two Books have the same production and release schedule as a normal season (I don't know if Book 3 and 4 will follow that pattern, it's possible that they won't) it's simply that the studio considers them as seasons for some reason that doesn't quite make sense to me...while more Korra is indubitably awesome, I'm not sure I like the shorter Books, for one simple reason: character development, or rather lack of thereof. I accepted all of the new main characters when they were introduced because expecting them to have the same depth of personality right off the bat as the original Team Avatar would be insane. However, I was expecting development over time, which really seemed obvious seeing how well the original series did it. I did enjoy the tightly woven plot, however I'd point to Book 2 of Avatar as the epitome of having both character development and a tightly bound plot on a television series. The problem is the lack of breathing room. In an interview Bryke once justified the season length by comparing it to shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, however those programs have 48 minutes running time. There isn't enough room to show the characters when you're shoving all that plot in that amount of time. Legend of Korra needs. character. development. badly. I can't believe I'm even saying that.anyways, below lies Byran's post –Book 1 = 12 episodes–Book 2 = 14 episodes–Book 3 = 13 episodes–Book 4 = 13 episodes–TOTAL = 52 episodesInitially, Nickelodeon picked up Korra as a 12-episode miniseries. Their idea was to do 12-episode arcs that were more standalone than the original Avatar series. Mike and I were cool with this idea, as we had originally wanted the seasons to be 12 episodes long instead of 20, and creatively we liked the idea of doing tighter story arcs.The original plan was that if Nickelodeon wanted more episodes, they would order them 12 episodes at a time. But while we were in production on Book 1, Nickelodeon decided to change their season lengths from 20 episodes (like Avatar had) to the more standardized international length of 26 episodes. They liked how Book 1 was coming out and decided to round out the order to fit their new 26-episode mold, and we got a 14-episode pick-up, which became Book 2.Then, the network wanted even more Korra, so they picked up another order of 26 episodes. Mike and I wanted to stick with the shorter “books,” so creatively we are splitting the second order of 26 into Books 3 & 4, 13 episodes each.What makes this even more confusing is that the network considers each block of 26 episodes a “season,” which is another reason we try to stick to calling these Korra arcs “books.” So for the network’s purposes, Books 1 & 2 are Season 1, and Books 3 & 4 are Season 2.
  10. This isn't over. It's over when I say it's over.

  11. moar extended cut dlc spoilers following
  12. I have a question for anybody who has played the Extended Cut and made the relevant decision, as I am a PS3 player and have only watched a few videos on the DLC.
  13. 2/5, used to love that song back in the day, sadly it doesn't have the same effect on me now. Hypnotize by The White Stripes
  14. I do agree with you to a certain extent. I think the martial art forms are extremely important to note, particularly when considered how much effort goes into making them authentic. However, I refuse to support such a hypothesis that the lack of the second creates a major difference because I do not see the purpose. A scrambling effect would completely dissolve the dramatic tension that the series has built up, make the sheer, palpable feeling of dread whenever Amon is in a scene with a bender meaningless, and significantly lower the stakes. Your theory is somewhat believable, but it would lead to Lin's sacrifice being meaningless (the most emotional moment of the series, thus far) and lead to a victory that is much less meaningful then if it was false, which is not something I think the writer's of this show would pull. What? You offered literally no basis to substantiate those claims. Without evidence, you're claim comes off as delusional, as if your desperately scrambling for a hint of evidence that could prove your theory correct even though it should have been laid to rest in episode 9. First off, nobody claimed that was a fist, so I fail to see how that proves your point. There's nothing in that hand that resembles any form of bloodbending, except for Yakone's inexplicably bulgy eye powers, but once you assume that, you could say that any character is bloodbending in any given screenshot. As for the Mako picture, again, you provided no context to make it a compelling case. Litererally the only thing that substantiates your claim is his outstretched hand. Not to mention that Mako spoke without any hint of a stutter or weakness within his voice, unlike anybody else under the influence of bloodbending. And why would Amon bloodbend him, when chi-blocking could produce the same result? Furthermore, if he was Amon, why would Tarrlock hire somebody to dress up as him and fake the loss of bending, and then have that imposter capture the avatar and risk losing her? Nobody in the show suspected he was Amon, so he could have handled the situation in a much more straightforward manner. I've seen some convoluted theories in this topic, but this is pretty extreme. Amon isn't Bumi, unless Bumi happens to be a racebender or something.
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