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    It's good to be back, BZP.

    I'm not as much of a follower of BIONICLE as I used to be, but I'm hoping the return of the forums will return the spark a little. I usually draw and post art or MoCs... but as I am 40 miles away from home and my good LEGO pieces the latter will be hard to come by.

    That being said, if anyone needs help with anything, shoot me a message and I'll do what I can.

    Finally, Florence + The Machine is amazing. Hence the name.

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  1. This seems to me like a "Back to Basics" approach for LEGO. All of the hero designs immediately drew me back to the first wave, which was the only wave I did like until now. I like that these are (usually) a bit more organic and varied- although I will admit, the teaser image on the BZP homepage had me thinking Rocka was Steampunk, and I was very disappointed to see that he really wasn't. If the teal stays, I'll be quite excited to see it. None of the villains really stood out to me, to be honest.
  2. Good to be back! A fresh start, with a new name for me and a new look for the forums. Hopefully this will reignite my (sadly) diminished interest in BIONICLE... I'm counting on you guys!
  3. Downburst

    Oh So Angry

    I feel your pain. I once came across a shiny Graveler, which after it broke out of my first Ultra Ball, promptly used Selfdestruct. Alas...
  4. You flatter me! Thank you!

    Your art is also fantastic, I might add!

  5. Nice art, dude. ;]

  6. Downburst

    Iron Man 2

    Make that 923554455. I saw it last night.
  7. I got an Adamant Red Gyarados completely by accident on the very first try. No joke, I swear. But I get the feeling. I went and caught nearly every natured Ralts for Synchronizing.
  8. Downburst

    The Great Gatsby

    I just read that for my Literature class. As an ardent lover of the 20s and The Great Gatsby, I'm happy to see that it's still popular elsewhere. Watch out for green lights! They'll always get you! Curse you, Perry the Platypus!"
  9. "Doorenshmirtz's BZP Web page"

    {end corny music)

  10. Happy Birthday, Doofenshmirtz!

  11. Aww... I wanted the Doofenshmirtz motif. :P

  12. My first evil invention was called "inator" just plain old inator. XD

  13. Downburst

    Tuyet Entries

    HD's Entry Eh, this is old, and I can do better now, but, why not? It'll be fun.
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