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  1. Correct New comic, at last New home There was a re-write in the storyboard
  2. Yay, someone's using my furniture kit I'm making more now Why does Morak look like me? But without the Nuva armour and being a Toa of fire and not humour
  3. That was an amazing ending to an amazing comic series How did you change this topic's name? I need to too
  4. Good, somebody's updating this Edited topic starter with the new 6 shade
  5. Only makes sense to end it on the same day and same month Same time?
  6. I see what you did there
  7. New season New beginnings New comic CSI
  8. You don't have to leave, because of tiring of Gavilan, look at my comics Woah, pink would look weird You do have something up your sleeves Your arms
  9. Choosing masks for them is annoying too
  10. That contained a call-back to previous comic from The beginning Where the Nuva use their nuva powers to regenerate Dume into Tohu
  11. It is time for the final comic of the finale
  12. That was good The piraka rap was very anoying
  13. Yay! I missed these Love the drawing style & plot
  14. New comic Love & money just incase you can't see the text;
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