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    I am who I am; Frederica Bernkastel.<br />Furude Rika and Frederica are different. Shame on you if you thought so.<br />My age? I've gotten bored with it, so I've quit counting.<br /><br />Huh? Are you speculating that the real identity of the Oyashiro-sama is me?<br />Giggle giggle. You are so insolent.<br />The Oyashiro-sama is the Oyashiro-sama. You want me to introduce it to you? It's rather shy. <br />It gets frightened easily so don't scare it, okay? However, it seems that you are the one that's scared.<br /><br />Giggle giggle giggle...

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  1. Does anyone know any remedies of repairing cracked joint pieces? Most of the joint pieces on all my sets (save for hero factory) are all cracked. Any ideas on how to repair them?
  2. I was tired and being a fast typer has disadvantages. T~T

  3. *sigh* you messed up Bern's name.

  4. Ugh, my response ended up being too long. -.- You can view my reply in the topic.

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could review my MOCs please?

  6. Thanks for the review! I made Mata Nui taller and that's about it, along with giving him green eyes. The original set I was gonna put as Omnicron was a jumbled mess of colors with mainly silver. I personally like what I did with the silver avohkii, The fact that Shadow doesn't have alot of armor on him is to give the feel of him being old I guess. I would love to give Mulsion a cape bu

  7. Hiya, if you could could you review my MOCs?

  8. She was my favorite character (after Bernkastel)...

  9. I saw episode 26 of umineko...I feel sorry for ange...

  10. I'm on episode 25 right now.

  11. Have you finished Umineko, yet? Episode 26 is very interesting...

  12. I don't like what eva-beatrice did to maria, but i like the main beatrice.

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