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  1. Ziko


    I feel you.
  2. Banana Split/Ziko = Legend

  3. Shame you had to step down, man - the amount of reports you sent in were staggering. :P I'll do my best to replace you.

  4. Ziko

    Getting sick...

    Ouch. The same thing happened to me; I hope you feel better soon. =\
  5. GSR

    Do I spy a Masked Gentleman in your avatar, good sir?

  6. Tenuk

    Congratulations on becoming an overlord of the comic land!

  7. Ziko

    Well then...

    Okay but bored eh
  8. Post-it-here topic closed, also at the starter's request.
  9. Ziko

    I Lied

    That might be me... hm
  10. Ziko

    Shopping <3

    I would be more than happy to lend you a boat if you like...
  11. It's a temporary thing. During BZP's anniversary week, all members get the perks of Premier Membership, which includes rank images; they'll be gone when the week ends, though.edit- Even refreshing the page is no defense against ninjas now, it seems. =P
  12. Theoretically, IP.Blog supports having multiple blogs, but I'm sure something would go wrong with having two; BZP's blogs don't seem to work well with added features. =P And if you go Premier, we'll have to find someone else to be a non-Premier Mentor. =u edit- 'which Gata' tag is a nice touch, too
  13. It'll be okay...someday, life will get better.
  14. Ziko


    I tried but it failed =(
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