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  1. Ziko


    I feel you.
  2. Ziko

    Getting sick...

    Ouch. The same thing happened to me; I hope you feel better soon. =\
  3. Ziko

    Well then...

    Okay but bored eh
  4. Post-it-here topic closed, also at the starter's request.
  5. Ziko

    I Lied

    That might be me... hm
  6. Ziko

    Shopping <3

    I would be more than happy to lend you a boat if you like...
  7. It's a temporary thing. During BZP's anniversary week, all members get the perks of Premier Membership, which includes rank images; they'll be gone when the week ends, though.edit- Even refreshing the page is no defense against ninjas now, it seems. =P
  8. Theoretically, IP.Blog supports having multiple blogs, but I'm sure something would go wrong with having two; BZP's blogs don't seem to work well with added features. =P And if you go Premier, we'll have to find someone else to be a non-Premier Mentor. =u edit- 'which Gata' tag is a nice touch, too
  9. It'll be okay...someday, life will get better.
  10. Ziko


    I tried but it failed =(
  11. Now that topics don't die in this forum anymore, you don't have to start a new topic for your comics if the previous topic goes a while without a reply. So, since the old topic is still alive, please continue your series there.Topic closed
  12. Well folks, the second Comics contest has ended, and here we have the results! 1. Traitor by Soran [Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4]Topic 2. BIOCICLES ACTITON COMIC by Toa of Pumpkin [Page 1] 3. Strawberry Ice Cream by Uncle K. [Page 1, Page 2, Page 3] LEGO has generously donated an Iron Man and a Captain America minifigure as contest prizes. Soran will receive the minifigure of his choice, and Toa of Pumpkin will receive the other. Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to the other entrants for their excellent work! Also, thanks to Windrider for being a great co-host (again) and to Kakaru and 55555 for their work as assistants.
  13. And that's the end! Thanks for voting, everyone; we'll see you in the results topic.
  14. Unfortunately, that last post revived the topic, which hasn't received a reply since early May.Topic closed.
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