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  1. The spawns of the crazed Skakdi dreams would be beyond useful for any fanfiction written after this point Brings up endless possibilities- though what I'd like to know and hope for is that Greg discloses what some of these creatures are.
  2. 2.5/5, since I just saw your MOC of GLaDos (I lurk in creative outlet too~ Albeit writing instead of BBC, but still~)
  3. Has coloured contact lenses or has some unknown eye disease.
  4. 0/5 I've never seen you before
  5. Oh kami-sama no TPBM speaks more than one language
  6. ....another broken image link. I think I now have an issue to take up with my ISP.
  7. Nope, 100% straight, sorry to disappoint anyone~ TPBM watches anime/has watched anime
  8. At first impression, 0/5 After checking your name change history, 3.5/5 (I remember seeing your name around in ye olde days when Bionicle was still ongoing)
  9. 26. I don't think Turaga were capable of using that Mask, it takes a lot of control- even Vakama as a Toa could not control it. 27. Well, in hindsight, when you look at it, Lhikan did show similar trust in the Toa Metru, getting six random novice Toa to save all of Metru Nui, despite probably knowing them less well than Vakama knew Tahu. 50. From what I've seen around here, they control different-sized particles or something along those lines. 51. I think that's a case of trying to conceal the plot- back in 2003 there was all this mysterious Seventh Toa thing and they didn't want anyone to find out until a certain media release- not sure if the movie or comics were first on that. Labelling him "Toa Takua" would've given away the secret.
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