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  1. This popped up on Christian Faber's instagram. Granted, it could be an April Fool's joke, but I'll post it anyways. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvuSFY2Hr1_/ This was also posted on his instagram on New Years: https://i.redd.it/2etto4l31sp21.jpg
  2. I've been looking at bricklink, ebay, and amazon, and have also decided to keep an eye out on any garage sales and thrift stores that may have anything related.
  3. A bit of preface, I used to be heavily into BIONICLE when I was younger, and I decided to come back here when I saw BIONICLE stuff was worth quite a bit of money. However, I cannot simply go through my childhood toys and build a collection from that, as in 2009, I had gotten a dog, who decided to chew the everloving heck (can I even swear on these forums? I remember registering here when I was like 7 or something, and all I remember was that I managed to annoy people, and thinking on it, I cringe heavily) out of many of my sets. Some sets seemed to have faired better than others, but most are damaged in some way. RIP Krika, you were chewed to shreds.
  4. Well, the archives were deleted. A few years of cringe now gone. Thank you, staff. For covering up the stupidity of young me.

  5. Finally, good mata-nui. I've done it. I've cleared some of the cringy stuff from when I was like, 7? Now better check my inbox.

  6. Day 413: Reading all of my old updates is still painful.

    1. JAG18


      I know that feeling.

  7. Thanks. I can't get the disc to work on my comp.
  8. I found a copy of one of the Bohrok-Kal bonus discs lying around. Anyone have any info on them?
  9. Oh god my old stuff is so painful to look at.

    1. Sunconure11


      Hmmmm... maybe make a comic that's supposed to be so bad it's good? But, I'm not sure if many people would get it.

    2. Sunconure11


      Maybe it could be a parody of my old comics.

  10. Sunconure11

    New Lolcat!

    Thats funny.
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