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  1. Hey there, thanks for the nice comment! As for drawing characters - I'd suggest getting used to observing the people around you, especially when out and about in the world. How they move, howw their proportions and bodies are structured, how they interact with their environment and vice versa. (obviously, I don't mean to say "stare at everyone for prolonged stretches of time", but that should be clear anyway). If you feel awkward studying irl people, that's fine. Movies and TV exist too. ^^ Personally I like to use a sketchbook to have a chronological overview of the things I've drawn, as well as note down things I noticed. I carry something to draw wherever I go. As for Bionicle characters, it depends on what you want to do? If you want to lean in a set-like direction, make sure you either have the set around or look for images online so you have a reference to help you. Stylization is a harder one to comment on. I'd say dare to try new things, and keep in mind that not everything will always work out, and that's okay! Using references also helps a lot. Say you want to draw a character that's associated with Plant Life, and you have the idea to add leaf textures somewhere in their armour. The illusion becomes a lot more believable if you look at images (or ideally, a real leaf ). Personally I like to model the characters on the human form, so I just sketch that out first, then use the set to figure out the shapes for the armour. For a while I even used to draw the characters completely humanized/as humans - that wasn't quite popular ^^' but I liked it back then, so yea. Draw what you like, what you enjoy. Figure out what inspires you, draw from that. Study it, too. Look at art you enjoy and figure out why - is it the poses? The stylization? The lighting? Try to analyze that and finally - don't forget to practise, but also to have fun! ... okay, this was a lot more than anticipated. I hope some of it was helpful.
  2. that is super impressive! Also, you used coloured pencil, which imo can be a pain to work with for bigger things (because it takes for-ever) - as said, impressive, and I really admire the dedication. The way you kept the designs set-like, yet somewhat stylized also caught my eye. It's nice! Goes without saying that you should be proud of finishing this, really. ^^
  3. Once a week seems like a good pace to me, and to be honest, I'm glad you're taking things in a direction that you can keep up with without getting burned out. Seeing this site around after so many years still means a lot to me, and I'm really grateful you're still running it!
  4. Taka Nuvia

    happy holidays :)

    I might be a bit early with this, but you know, with time zones you can never quite tell. Either way, whoever reads this, I hope you have a good day, and happy holidays to you!
  5. I keep forgetting who they are, but that's a very pretty person
  6. Orange and blue is said to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing contrasts. And hey, it has your name on it, too!
  7. I could absolutely imagine it being rebooted in some way, shape or form in, say, 10-20 years from now. Gen2 was way too early imo. Would it be a Bionicle the way we knew it? No. Absolutely not. Gen2 somehow tried to appeal to new and old fans alike, and from what I've seen failed to do both. Personally I wasn't really a fan of the more humorous approach. Yet I do think the community takes itself waaay too seriously when it comes to canon and adherence to it sometimes. A completely new Bionicle, which would just be part of the franchise in name and logo (and constraction toys), could work though. With a fresh slate for storytelling and worldbuilding, that does not require new fans to essentially obtain a bachelor's degree in Bionicle-ology. None of this is saying that I want it back. But I could imagine something new, basically just "wearing the mask of" Bionicle (terrible pun fully intended) some ten years down the road.
  8. the avatar is too cute!

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Thanks! :) It's admittedly from last year though, so feels a bit like cheating! 

  9. Taka Nuvia

    another ama

    I've always enjoyed drawing, but what really jump-started the whole thing was actually joining BZP! The artwork forums provided a "reliable" community, if you want, and by drawing fanart I was able to not only "get people to look at it", but also receive tons of feedback, and engage with others. Also drawing robots is fun :> I feel that regular (constructive) feedback really helped sharpen my perception, and guide my learning about how to approach analyzing my own art. Ultimately, this skill of being able to take a step back and actively reflect on what could be improved on in the drawing has been one of the most important things in improvement. Depends. Overall, coloured pencils, but at the moment I'm not able to summon the patience to really enjoy the process. Hence it's mostly just regular pencil or ballpoint pen doodles. The aesthetic! Well, and the (bio)mechanical concepts, andthe giant and immersive world building (even thoguh I only ever barely scratched the surface when it comes to the lore ^^') New characters, a new ruleset (no more gender-locking of elements. it gets old), maybe more 'monstrous' designs like the Barraki and Piraka. Those were fun. Hm.... as for books, I'm currently reading whatever I can get my hands on, so it's been kinda hit-or-miss... I can always recommend Kafka's works though, even if they're not exactly cheerful. Last movie I watched that really left an impression was Yugioh - Dark Side of Dimensions. Make of that what you will Games... Divinity Original Sin 2 is fun, but even more so if you play it together with friends. If tactical, turn-based RPGs are your thing. Parmesan! never had pineapple pizza in my life, so I can't really tell. man, I should really look up the proper responce to that someday I'd rather dream of farm animals than realizing I am the robot that was sent to replace my true, human self. :< Halloween related music... not so much, just the usual? I rarely listen to any specifically halloween themed things, but Voltaire is always a good starting point for a somewhat spooky atmosphere.
  10. Taka Nuvia

    another ama

    @Mushy the Mushroom Thank you for the questions! the next time I actually get enough sleep real... that's hard, probably tortoises? Or crows. Deciding is hard. fantasy... I'm kinda torn between unicorns or dragons I was gifted Nuhvok Kal back when, so I kinda fell in love with the sets first. Whether joining BZP or the movies came first after that, I can't quite remember - but joining the forums definitely marks the beginning of "really being interested" in Bionicle. (tho tbf, collecting the toys and playing together with siblings definitely played the largest part) Hm... anywhere imaginable. I'd choose a pocket dimension that can travel between realms and realities. So that if I needed a change of scenery, I couldjust go there... wherever that may be. ^_° The power of always finding exactly the right words to comfort others and help them feel better in any situation. @Goose Alive! Most days have been very, very similar. Currently looking for my muse, who seems to have gone MIA (making art much harder than it should be these days). But it's getting better. How about you?
  11. Taka Nuvia

    another ama

    Feeling like it, so... ask me anything, and you shall receive answers.
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