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  1. Taka Nuvia


    Not really ^^', so secret even I don't know it, romantically? fewer than I should have, almonds!, quack :3 Huh... my comic getting featured and! the glorious times of the mafia games. So many happy memories! <3 ASDFGJAFNSHA - yes! That would be amazing! A weird mix of KPop, Darkwave and Symphonic Metal. Veni, vidi, I changed studies and doodled a lot. Will probably doodle even more, and actually learn some programming! Maybe develop a game? At least that's a dream of mine
  2. Taka Nuvia


    Anything you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask? This is your chance to do so. Ask me. Anything.
  3. doing okay! Started studying Informatics two weeks ago. :3 Nice to see you're still around! ^^
  4. Taka Nuvia


    So today Inktober starts, and I will actually participate. Let's see how it goes
  5. Huh, now that you mention it... maybe I was thinking of the small ones (Protectors?)? Or I'm just not that much a fan of the CCBS system (side-note: the Toa Inika had those cool rubbery masks and strange heads and light-up weaons, which my younger self thought were beyond cool. So I could be a bit biased. =D)
  6. I am honestly not sure how much I was affected by this. Although I am glad I didn't just imagine the number changing ^^' Who knows if I'll ever reach 5000 posts, tbh. But quality over quantity, right?
  7. @Akaku: Master of Flight - oooh, so this is how tagging works. Nice. (yeah no worries. I shoud have tagged you, I guess. at least I wanted to. ^^) Well I am glad that someone sees some improvement there - maybe it's the familiarity, but for me they all look more or less the same except for the very old ones, maybe. And oh wow, that comic. That was so long ago... nice to see it again, though. :] I think we've both come a long way...
  8. I offer the Kardas Dragon a beautiful cake decorated with sugary flowers and another pat on the head.
  9. Currently I am reading The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell. And I'm enjoying it a lot so far (and learning so many new things. That's always fun)
  10. 2.5/5 your name seems familiar.
  11. Was inspired by Akaku: Master of Flight (how everyone does this fancy tagging, I have no idea :/ ) to make a timeline of my character over the years. So I did that. [regular link, until I figure out how to link thumbnails ^^] (~800kB) I couldn't find anything for 2011, so either I really didn't draw her in that year or I lost the scanned files. Don't feel like digging through my myriad or sketchbooks though, so I'll leave it blank for now. I know that especially around 2008-2009 there are tons of different design ideas I tried out, but I picked the ones that stuck for this timeline. IMO you can only see that my style varied wildly after 2011 while still staying the same somehow? Idk I'm always underwhelmed by the "progress" visible in these timelines, but they're fun to put together (also what the karz this character is 11 years old. time flies~)
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