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    still around!
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    .Fantasy (literature)
    .Elves, Fairies, other pointy-eared creatures
    .Jester Hats
    .Technical stuffs, robots, etc.
    .Retexturing stuff for PC games

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  1. Taka Nuvia

    Blogging from home

    I mean it's good that you're feeling less lonely. But yeah, this is a really tough situation. :/
  2. I especially love the last one. Those 4 legs are cleverly implemented and just look really cool!
  3. Taka Nuvia

    Blogging from home

    For me it's week 3 of being 'confined' to the metaphorical four walls of my home, and I think I am slowly adjusting. But how's the rest of you been these days? I hope you're all safe and well.
  4. I really like the warped look of the mask. Was this meant to be 3D-printed afterwards?
  5. Mostly Tabletop Simulator. Other than that, I'm currently playing my way through 2008's Prince of Persia, and it's been kinda fun so far.
  6. Taka Nuvia

    More Anaster

    This time actually using her whip. Idk I love her too much.
  7. Throwing 21 Boomerangs sounds a lot like chaos to me,
  8. Wasn't there something about COPPA (or another, similar regulation) that was the reason why Greg stopped interacting on BZP? At least that's what I remember.
  9. 3/5 I see you a lot in CoT
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