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  1. A link to your epic, which was sufficiently ominous to actually prompt me to click on it
  2. Nemo - Nightwish didn't think I'd ever listen to this song again, but here I am genuinely enjoying it.
  3. Many links that indicate you are involved in writing, the BZPRPG, and also dabble in drawing sometimes. (I assume the "terrible" is ironic.)
  4. 1.5/5 both your current name and your display name history seem somewhat familiar, but I can't pinpoint why
  5. still trying to rearrange my life after last year, and while some things are getting better it still feels like I'm struggling most of the time. At this point I'm seriously wondering whether I had a burnout of some sorts or why else it is all so much for me. Art-wise it's going okay, though. That's at least something.
  6. Just something I've been wondering ever since the forums came back - is there a (functional) difference between liking a topic/post and upvoting a topic/post?
  7. huh, I didn't intend her to look that way, but I definitely see where you're coming from. ^^' Yeah I wasn't really aware of that until I looked at the finished sketches. Who knows what other influences I have no idea about. Thanks! It's been a while, indeed. They are, though (thanks)! I mostly do sketches these days, because of my schedule... but at least this way I can actually do a daily drawing, so it's worth it
  8. ... okay I did not know that links are embedded these days. That's fancy. Anyway, posted some artworks in GA, if anyone is interested in that but, like me, does not check the artwork forum every other day ^^'
  9. Was hit with a wave of nostalgia, so here's two small scribbles, Nokama and Antroz. Looking back I see now that some set designs may or may not have influenced my art (and art style) more than I originally thought. What is interesting is that currently I seem to be leaning more towards a set-inspired style than back when I started out. Let's see if this sticks or is just a temporary trend.
  10. We can do it. *fingers crossed*
  11. .... idk how to properly summarize it, tbh. Made a larger decision that changed my life for the better, but it still took until Christmas for me to even halfway recover from what happened before. I just hope things won't excalate as much again, or rather, that next time I'll find the courage to quit a bad situation earlier on and not stay until it is almost way too much to bear. But there are positive things! I joined a Pathfinder campaign, and through that formed some really great friendships. My art has improved over the course of the year! I am generally feeling more... normal (?) again these days. For whatever reason, 2019 has been a hard year for many of us. Let's hope that 2020 will be better. *fingers crossed*
  12. Happy new year to you, too! I hope 2020 will be a good year, I think we all would need one at this point tbh.
  13. Best wishes to you! I hope you're doing okay.
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