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  1. Nice! Might even try the pattern once I get the energy to sew masks again. Either way, really cool idea and execution!
  2. IC: Zsann, aboard the Taku, one last time The past days had brought many events for Zsann - new friends, new perspectives, new struggles. As she watched the crane lift away the injured, she could not help but wonder about this strange world for a moment. It had given her new perspectives on her strengths - but also, her shortcomings. This was turning into a war zone, and Zsann was not sure she could handle that. In fact, she realized with a jolt, she was terrified of freezing up again at a vital moment. She would have to sort herself out first, otherwise she saw no way she could be of help to her friends. With a last look back to the van, Zsann quickly, and silently, climbed out of the cargo bay. Mega and Yaushe would be able to look after themselves. She had to learn to trust in that. And to trust them, she thought as she made her way through and out of Metru-Koro, choosing her ways so that she would not encounter anyone. She just hoped they would understand. --- OOC: figured I'd let Zsann off the ship and go her merry way - and who knows, maybe she will come back one day. ^^
  3. Hi all, so: it has come to my attention that I put too much on my plate, and just take far too long to reply to things. I have therefore decided to officially drop out of SKR. Thank you all for having me join you for a while, it was fun! And I wish you all best of luck for your storytelling endeavours.
  4. IC: Zsann, still aboard the Taku, Cargo Bay Zsann simply nodded, and walked over to the injured, lifting them carefully and carrying them to the stretchers. She tried her best not to move them too much, just to be sure. What a change of pace, she mused. From mercenary to medic. Well, medic's assistance. When she was done she stepped away from the stretchers and nodded to the Onu-Matoran in the crane. OOC: @BULiK
  5. IC: Zsann, still aboard the taku, Cargo Bay Zsann raised her head and eyed the newcomer suspiciously for a second, then she nodded and got up to assist the Matoran. Of course, she wasn't really sure how to move the injured without making things worse for them. "J-just t-t-t-tell me wh-what to d-do." OOC: @BULiK @ZippyWharrgarbl
  6. IC: Zsann, aboard the Taku, Cargo Bay Zsann almost managed not to flinch at the medic's question. Almost. The Skakdi hesitated for a brief moment, then nodded carefully. "I-I-I th-think s-s-s-so." With a small sigh she did something that surprised herself more than anyone else, and sat down as well, keeping a respectful distance to Triage. Whether she would wait inside the van or outside for this to be over did not really make a difference at this point. OOC: I've been busy with other stuff recently, so I guess I'll try to get back into the flow of things. Please excuse the short post; best I could do. @ZippyWharrgarbl @Tarn
  7. In 100 Years - Modern Talking
  8. IC: Zsann, the Taku, somewhere outside the cargo bay Zsann didn't make it very far before doubts crept up on her. No, doubts was not the right word. Could she leave them back there? What if something happened while she was not there. What if the cargo bay took another hit? A hit that would strike the van, send everyone who was inside plummeting to their deaths, a hit that would damage the ship so much it would affect Yaushe. A hit that would take her friends away. What if She had barely noticed that she wasn't walking anymore. Arms wrapped tightly around her torso, Zsann leaned on the nearest wall and tried to steady her breath, calm her mind, shove those thoughts away, but to no avail, at least at first... It took a while. By now she could have been to the bridge and back. Easily. The Skakdi held out one of her hands. At least it had stopped shaking. Mostly. She took one last deep breath, and with a resigned sigh, turned to move back to the cargo bay, back to the van. Even though she probably wasn't too much of help there, she figured it was better than completely losing her composure or not being able to focus on anything at the bridge. As she walked back up to the van and opened the door to climb back inside, she just hoped it wasn't too obvious what she had just gone through. OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl @Toru Nui @Tarn
  9. Lately it was mostly Brawlhalla here and there, and other than that Shenmue and the first Broken Sword game. Retro fun ^^
  10. Ok so I guess this is where I will ask my questions from now on: I was wondering if there's anyone (any PCs) on the bridge of the Taku rn? (I guess I can count Yaushe, technically)
  11. IC: Zsann, aboard the Taku, cargo bay Zsann had just been about to reply to Triage when the thunder tore through the air. At least she hoped it was thunder. Any alternatives she was able to come with were... worse. Her eyes darted to Mega and Navu for a brief moment, then she shrugged in an attempt to ease her shoulders from the tension she found them in after the sudden noise. She figured she could leave, the others were in good hands with Triage and Mega. Without another word the Skakdi climbed out of the van, looked around the cargo bay, then made her way towards the bridge of the ship, keeping an eye out for anyone wounded or otherwise in need of help. She wanted to help, even. --- OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl @Tarn @Toru Nui and presumably whoever is on the bridge or to be met somewhere along the way.
  12. Sacred Heart - Dio another one of those songs I will never, ever grow tired of.
  13. IC: Zsann, aboard the Taku, Cargo Bay, the van It seemed like things were calming down a little, for the moment. Zsann did wonder what Yaushe was up to, but she trusted that her friend would be okay. "A-a-anyth-thing I-I-I can d-do to h-h-help?" she asked carefully. OOC: @ZippyWharrgarbl @Toru Nui @Tarn
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