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  1. The Ultimate Dume helmet from the 2004 titan combo set. It's not a tail, but... not really a spike? I guess it's a spine, character-wise. Design-wise it fit perfectly for keeping the spheres from falling out in the back, and it connects the hip piece so eeeh, didn't worry too much about the character purpose behind it.
  2. Name: BlackstarSpecies: UnknownAge: UnknownGender: Presumably maleElement: EarthBackstory: Blackstar wasn't created by natural means. An ancient and unique gem buried deep in a once habitable stretch of land (Now a desert) spontaneously sent out bursts of electromagnetic waves, drawing in old pieces of machinery and armor. These were all clumped together around the gem, and Blackstar was created (Basically Blackstar at heart is just a bunch of gems, but connected to the brain in the head it pulled in, it was able to be a living and thinking rock inside the shell of a body it created).After some time Blackstar dug up to the surface, and wandered trying to find any sign of life. One unique ability of Blackstar is his access to his brain. He has access to 100% of it. Although the brain once belonged to a beast, Blackstar is able to learn quickly and effectively through observation. The first time Blackstar encountered a civilized population, he acted like an animal. Then through watching how the townspeople acted, he soon was able to become one of them, think and talk like an advanced creature.Blackstar's element is Earth, but he doesn't control it directly. He can "feel" the ground, like a sixth sense. The biggest use of this ability is to detect where the ground is soft, and where it is hard. This makes it easier for him to dig.After living among Matoran, Toa, Turaga, et cetera, on the surface, Blackstar was informed that there were underground cities. He currently helps and protects these cities, living as one of their citizens. FrontBackFront Un-hunchedNo clue what he's doing Again what is he doing? Showing fist Holding in emotions Paint me like one of your french girls 360 spinning GIF A MOC I made for a contest on a site elsewhere. Decided to post here in hope to get feedback.
  3. I have tried similar designs using two fingers and a thumb, and they look kinda odd. But the lower armsssssssss... yyyeah. I was short on ideas, and the only things I could come up with I had already used those pieces on other MOCs. Although now that you reminded me, I might try again to fix that bland part.
  4. > who is this guy

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      Now If You Will Excuse Me, I Shall Now Run A Chainsaw Through Your Pathetically Highblooded Body.

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  5. Yeah, I agree the diamond gear thing around his head look kinda off. I was trying to make it look similar to the original. Maybe it didn't belong in the first place, idk :/
  6. Omega. Wow. A MOC I made a looong time ago based on this idea I thought was awesome. Big hands, and one huge wheel as a foot. So I made him using that idea. ...He did not turn out how I wanted. Here is the front of old Omega, and here is the back of old Omega. And then two years after building Omega (I took him apart within a few days of building him), I decided to try to build him again, and hoping he would be awesome this time around. And I created:(file linked)Now as you can see, a huge change I made was his body arm connection... thing. In the original, I had his shoulders WAY above his head. But when I revamped him, I realized I like it A LOT better with the top body flipping behind his back. So I consider his "Classic" look to be his "Attack" mode.FrontBackSide PoseFavorite PoseSecond Favorite PoseClassic FrontClassic BackClassic Side PoseSPINS! WEEEEEEE!Revamp SpinClassic Spin
  7. Oh look, Xerro's wearing a santa hat.

  8. A green and red (Christmas themed?) head of a pony with dark brown "hair" and blue eyes that is smiling.
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