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  1. I find it funny that I thought about this series again only recently, and then today on a whim I go on BZP to lurk like I occasionally do only to find this gem. Oh, how I missed this loveable little series. College is a massive time drain, I totally feel ya. Wherever you decide to take things from here, go for it. ^^;
  2. Wow, this was a serious nostalgia trip. Now I seriously need to re-read all of the books again. Thank you so, so much for sharing this with us.
  3. Just because I stopped existing for a while doesn't mean that I don't know of various computer games and the like, Blade. xD
  4. Ghasts, Blade. They're Ghasts. They're terrifying, although I do have a friend that finds them adorable. =P Steam Summer Sale <3
  5. Dudebot5000

    Stormy Future

    My college classes are canceled until Wednesday. I'm good. ^^;
  6. Dudebot5000

    Time sure flies

    I completely forgot about BZP for two weeks, college has taken over so. xD
  7. Dudebot5000

    Oh Man

    I'm currently running my monitor at 1680x1050. ^^
  8. Things I don't do anymore: Visit this website and lurk for hours. Seriously, I check in a couple times a week but that's it. o_o;
  9. 'ello chap

    1. Dudebot5000


      Good day to you, ma'am

  10. You there! :o

    1. Dudebot5000


      I'm shocked that I only just noticed this today. =O

      Haven't talked to you since B-Fair!

    2. -R8-


      HAHA I only noticed this today :D (there must be a notification thing for this somewhere...)

      Happy New Year! Hope your holiday season was very enjoyable. How you been?

    3. Dudebot5000


      (Hafta dig around in the settings, we will. xD)

      I've been doing just fine. A lot of music stuff going on, on my end. How have you been?

  11. Very nice job with what you have finished here. I, too, now want lightstones in my mines. xP If you ever finish it, could you post a download link to the texture pack? I'd definately use it.
  12. Well now. This is a new setup.

    1. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      It definitely is. You can also hold PM conversations that don't take up more than one 'block' of space, something that's awesome. =D

  13. Its a vegetable kind of vegetable. (Yay Valentine's Day)
  14. Dudebot5000

    Silence Is Power

    In Marching Band this past year, there was a band who started their show by marching without playing a single note for a time. Impressive feat, since it's hard to march based on a person flailing their arms around, but their theme, "Silence is Golden," was aptly named. Our production of "Grease" was way cooler, though. Helps to have a guitar, bass, and drumset on the field.
  15. I have an isshu with the region name change too. </ka_doom_tish>
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