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  1. Well now. This is a new setup.

    1. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      It definitely is. You can also hold PM conversations that don't take up more than one 'block' of space, something that's awesome. =D

  2. Read and watch, to be exact. I'm completely up to date. =D

  3. GaoGaiGar is epic YES. You sir, are awesome.

  4. That is because Diski is of the female party. There are exception to the rule. =P

  5. I would have to agree, lol.

  6. That would be an anime called Bleach. ;)

  7. @Diski: Thank you. =P

    @Blade: I believe you're correct on the avy, but I'm not sure on the PProfile pic. I just picked a cool image. =P

  8. I am who I am, and nothing more. At least, that's what they want me to think. =P

  9. You seem familiar from somewhere...

  10. You change your stuffs =O

  11. Sure, I can send you them in a PM. Once I get through them, that is. =P

  12. I took about 100. =P

    Still going through them all though.

  13. Ahh he's smiling at meh =O

  14. No, he's a character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. ;)

  15. Yeah, there's a Sakura clone. =P

    NP on the site link. =)

  16. Yeah, I saw that. I was just amazed at the fact that he cut it off himself. =P

    Onemanga.com has a bunch of manga series (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Tsubasa, etc) that you can read for free. ;)

  17. Oh yeah, I don't watch xxxholic.

  18. I lack the books; I use OneManga. I haven't watched the show for a week or two now. Trying to finish Black Cat.

    Kuro's arm... It's... =O

  19. I started reading again in an attemptt to figure thins out. Things now make sense, and I'm up to 155. =P

  20. I have not. Then again, I have paused my reading of TRC because things are getting confusing. So I'm watching the anime to try to figure things out. =/

  21. Tell Kurogane I said hi. =P

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