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  1. So how have you been?

  2. i guess having a low metobolism would be good for someone who like to eat alot at meals....?

  3. oh well... i have a a high metabolism so im about 90lbs but im only 4 ft 6in so... i have a healthy weight

  4. no, not quite :P

  5. sorry i haven't commented i forgot :P is you all muscle then?

  6. oh man, i could toss him around like nothin :P

    well, maybe not quite...

  7. i don't know, i think he's... 140ish, he runs track so maybe lower

  8. nice, bout how much did he weigh? im 210

  9. lol, this guy got dropped the first time too

  10. thats too bad :(

    no no crowd surfing where i was... dont think people would be able to keep my lead butt up :P

  11. but i think im busy this weekend :( ah well, my friend went to a concert and he managed to crowd surf did you do that?

  12. i've heard of that, i believe it happens here next weekend

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