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  1. Thanks, I'll check it out.

  2. Of course I love Darren Shan, his books are amazing. I prefer the Demonata series to the actual Darren SHan series though.

  3. ~Aisu~

    Quite Funny...

    Yeah, people who request custom hardly do it themselves However, I myself go for an aesthetically pleasing MoC rather than one that is custom, however using custom sometimes is the case. My example is my entry for Tos Velox's contest, 2 out of my 4 MoCs are not really very custom, but in my opinion they LOOK GOOD, which is something that should be tolerated more on BBC.
  4. Is the 50/50 System/Technic Ratio a requirement or would it be possible to do close to 100% Technic? I'm just better with Technic is all. The Contest is a great idea btw. Luna~
  5. I know this is late, but that's pretty rough . Good Luck with your next crush.
  6. Hi, I really like your MoCs. Hope to speak soon =D

  7. You could do me for C or L unless theyre taken other than that nice pbzps =]

  8. ~Aisu~


    Same here, btw love Okami
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