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    in a dark experiment lab
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    bionicles,video games,metroid prime,bike riding,Sniper paint ball,air boarding,rollerblading,surf boarding,snowboarding,swimming,dark areas,quiet places,climbing trees,and exploring.

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  1. Happy Holidays!

    Oh yeah and I read your epic contest, and I have a character.

    Is it to late to respond?

  2. wow let me join in to.

    (feeds mudkip)


  3. I read your topic so

    I'll be your buddy

  4. I saw your friend topic and I wanna be your friend

  5. hey cholie check out my epic story in the epic forum!please post a reply!

  6. hey dude check out my epic story on the epic forum.Please post a reply

  7. I got you're friend request, but before I say yes r no, I want to get to know you better by reading you're post and such. ;)

  8. hello Cn and NZT and lhiertoro.How are you?

  9. cats leave paws prints on everyone's hearts.A line I had to bring up for everyone

  10. I added you Lhikan636

  11. Hey dude remember me?

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