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    A secretive and megalomanic individual. Bepura's only lasting involvment with BZPower is to make MOCs that people like but not as much as they like other people's MOCs. He used to write epics once upon a time, however these died from procrastination and the overwheming influence of the reality beyond the computer monitor. He also used to make comics, but these shan't be mentioned because sprite comics are so 2005.<br /><br />Bepura has invented the following things:<br /><br />-Irkuvak<br />-Obnoxious evasion of 'custom' designs in MOCing<br />-Supreme disregard of BIONICLE canon with regards to elements and gender<br />-Toa/Matoran of Lightning that are not yellow<br />-Debate over the use of the word currently known as 'cool dude' in literature<br /><br />Bepura has been in hiding in the real world for many months but now he has returned to BZPower. Don't expect to see him much outside the BBC forum though.

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  1. Sorry for the late reply to your comment! I can't be of much help I'm afraid because I'm a photoshop user, never used gimp in my life, lol. By the way, your MOCs are fantastic :).

  2. hey, you can help me using GIMP?

  3. Happy birthday! =D

  4. Silly. =P Know wonder it looked familiar. XD

  5. Glad to hear that you like my MOCs! Hard for many MOCers to get attention these days :P. Yours are great too!

  6. My personal statement was totally ripped from Harry Potter, haha. Might change it to something better. Nice of you to drop by btw!

  7. Hello! And ya gotz an interestin' personal statement too.

  8. wow. you are my favorite MOCer on bzp

  9. I've actually done stuff like this before . However, in light of the contest I've revamped one of my old works: This is my character's mask, the Bevokai, Great mask of limited invulnerability. Enjoy! ~Bepura.
  10. Woot! Another U2 and Coldplay fan!

    *adds to friends*


  11. Oh, I found you on BZP! *Adds to friends list*

  12. Bepura

    Eh Eh?

    No worries. I can wait . Something as good as a PBZP of myself will be well woth the wait! (waits patiently) Enjoy your trip! Bepura.
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