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  1. Happy birthday old man. :P Miss ya.

  2. >tfw no longer premier

  3. Chols

    Dat Leak

    It's getting out of hand
  4. Chols


  5. Chols

    The Time Has Come

    *appears out of nowhere* in
  6. Chols

    re: today

    Are you feeling alright bro
  7. Dude do you know how much I'd pay to see a zoo full of robot animals
  8. Chols

    Tonight's Closing Thoughts #619

    Oooooh I've seen flooded villages before but none quite like this That's awesome ^w^
  9. "wait why are they called steam powered giraffe" "oh"
  10. Chols

    Bad words

    I wonder how many watchers I'd get if I linked my FA profile here Probably none =D
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