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  1. When does your next album come out? Haha, just kidding.

  2. No offence, really, but are you colour blinded?

  3. MrAho

    can I add you in my MSNMSGR?

  4. MrAho

    We hate you teridax (slaps)

  5. 1412

    We're dead anyways. :P

  6. 1412

    See For Yourself

    Woah, guys! Give this guy a break! He only bought 2009 sets early. It won't be the end of the world..... yet.
  7. MrAho

    Nut we wont be there next year

  8. 1412

    lol, next year, we will. :P

  9. It breaks constantly but as long as I keep it for display, nothing bad happens to it as long as my sister dosen't come near it.

  10. MrAho

    but we dont have fingers

  11. Congratz. ^^ Let's hope it doesn't break again. Because from what I heard, those sets are frail! D8

  12. I finally repaired my Tanma! =D

  13. 1412

    How about a High-4? :P

  14. MrAho

    *air five's*

    low five?

  15. Thanks! ^^

    *Clicks the Add as Friend button*


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