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  1. Made for TTV's Artakha contest. Most of my G1 collection was lost, so I used what little green G1 parts I could. Size comparison Not the greatest photos, but hey, work with what you have.
  2. I got mine because my friend had it and I wanted what little BZP prestige it gave me. Plus, I wanted to support the site. Having a blog was nice, but I never ended up using it. Does BZP still offer lifetime membership? I didn't see it in the store. Or can I not see it because I already have it?
  3. Most likely yes. Most Rahi were created by the Makuta, so it's reasonable to assume they created Keetongu's species as well. Most likely before Teridax's coup. While you had your mad scientists like Chirox or Mutran, most Makuta at the time created rahi to serve a specific purpose or to balance an ecosystem. I don't think universal conquest was on their minds when the fikkou and mahi were made.
  4. I have tons. Generation 1 Mata Nui is an allegory for God and the Makuta is an allegory for Satan/Lucifer. This was before 2008's big reveal.Jaller x HahliNot really a theory, but I didn't know about the gender-locked tribes until later on. When I first played MNOG, I thought some of the Ga-Matoran NPCs were male and Kopeke, Tamaru, and NPCs from other villages were female.While watching WoS, I thought there was a weird love triangle going on. Sidorak loves Roodaka, Roodaka loves Makuta, and Makuta only loves himself. However, this may have been intentional on the film makers' part which doesn't mesh with the established canon. It's clear that they portrayed Roodaka as a femme fatale.The Piraka would be 2006's protagonists. Hoo boy, was I wrong.Before the set was actually released, many people thought that Spinax's head piece was a mask, like Vezon's from the previous year. There were debates on what the in-universe reason was, if there was one, but it turned out that the "mask" on the back of Spinax's head was just some holes and detailing.There are different Bohrok nests for each one of Mata Nui's domes.The Legend Reborn will be good.Generation 2 The Protectors sets represent the villagers; they're not individual characters.Kulta is Makuta. Since his body was not properly preserved like Ekimu's, so it decayed into an undead skeleton.The Toa Uniters' masks turn gold when they combine with the creatures. They're not going on another mask hunt again, right? .... Right? Me too. I feel like that was the plan at some point, but they changed it to sand because.... well, let's face it, being made out dead bugs isn't a good trait for your protagonist. They used Matoro as a placeholder image, which confused a lot of people, too. Many thought that Matoro would somehow be showing up on Bara Magna.
  5. I'd say finish the Great Being Civil war story arc and then leave it open for further stories, as others have mentioned previously. The serials are a mixed bag for me, Greg seems to work best writing complete stories rather than episodic chapters, but I'd take a lackluster finale over leaving it unfinished. However, if we're talking about the main story, I would have had 2010 be the Journey to the Maze arc that was was being planned and 2011's story being Journey's End but, well, better. The concept is fine; it just suffered from being rushed and having to include the golden armor, which makes absolutely no sense. End the final year in a bang that celebrates BIONICLE's entire run and make the Stars line a full set year. I'd also include scene where Mata Nui communicates to all the MU inhabitants still inside Makuta's body to stop working. Teridax's body begins to fail, giving Mata Nui time to reform Spherus Manga and have a fighting chance. The Piraka could also be demutated so they and the Toa Mahri can have a proper final battle, though that would be better suited for a serial. Have the Piraka fight the Barraki too, I don't know. Would be interesting to see how the Ignition villain teams would interact, but, again, keep it in a serial. When I first saw the topic, that was the first thing that popped into my head. Alas, you beat me to it.
  6. So kind of like the ICC but not exclusive to Artwork III, I take it? (If anyone besides me remembers them)
  7. I've heard the name "Kanohi Force" before but that's literally all that I know about them. I don't know who's involved, what they do, or any of their exploits, so I voted no. I'm assuming their just a small community of friends, or something like that?
  8. No, but this does give me an idea. We don't know how Takutanuva's regeneration abilities work, though we do know his Hau having an imprint of his personality was a factor in it. What if Takutanuva didn't teleport Jaller's body but recreated it instead? Think of it as something similar to transporters from Star Trek. The teleport system scrambles your atoms and then rearranges them on the surface below. However, there's a theory that the transporter actually kills you in the process and simply creates a clone of you with all your memories. Takutanuva recreated Jaller's body and his personality from his imprint on his mask. The recreated Jaller goes to Metru Nui and eventually become a Toa, while his original body is left somewhere on Mata Nui. He's still Jaller, but this does bring up questions of personal identity. Canonically, the Red Star cannot revive anything outside the MU, including Jaller's original corpse, but the idea of there being a second Jaller on the Red Star amuses me. Would make things awkward for Pohatu and Kopaka.
  9. The boxors are only creepy in hindsight. Keep in mind that them being former matoran wasn't known at this point, both in-universe and out. The bohrok were very mysterious at the time, and it was stated that the bohrok themselves aren't technically alive, at least by their standards. Had Nuparu known about their origins, he might have rethought about the Boxor. (Or at least we hope.) The Vahki on the other hand, jeez. An amoral robotic police force with no concept of empathy is bad enough, let alone one that enforces the law through brainwashing. Keep in mind that Nuparu had to test it out before completion. Imagine how many Matoran's minds were wiped or irreversibly damaged before the technology was perfected.
  10. If the pattern keeps up: There will be six Toa; Lewa, Pohatu, and Gali will be $15 sets while Tahu, Kopaka, and Onua will be $20 setsEach Toa will contain a gold version of their mask that the Toa will need to find. Again.There will be a single villain main in the wave, but smaller horde enemies will be released in every other set.Six small sets that will help the Toa find their golden masks.Kopaka will (probably) have stickersTell me I'm wrong. In more seriousness, while I don't expect it, I would like to see things get shaken up, even if it's only slightly. It would be interesting to make the small sets the enemies this wave while also having a big bad to lead them. Makuta and the MoUP are definitely on the table, but I suspect they'll be in the summer wave. Some people are speculating on a G2 Takanuva, but I doubt he'll appear. There's been no foreshadowing of a seventh Toa. (Though, in fairness, there wasn't any in G1 save for a throw-away line in MNOG.) There have been many hints about the Mask of Time, however, so I suspect we'll finally get to see it in 2017. When and how, I'm not sure.
  11. To my knowledge, weather as we know it doesn't naturally exist in the MU. Any storm or fog has been caused by other forces, such as Toa or Rahkshi of Weather Control. Each region seems to be at a fixed state with little natural change. The only place with changing weather that I can recall is Karzahni, and that place is hardly the norm. It sound odd, but each region of the MU has a specific purpose and would be unlikely to change. As others have stated, Metru Nui has two suns which are really Mata Nui's eyes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but other domes' light sources come from lightstones in the ceiling. Don't know about Karda Nui, but I always assumed it was permanently day, being the home of the Av-Matoran and all. I am curious as to why there's a day and night cycle. Does Mata Nui need to sleep too? Is it some kind of cool down function? We may never know. Again, sorry if got any of this wrong. Some MU mechanics were only hinted at, most likely to avoid spoiling Mata Nui's big reveal. A lot of the specifics are buried under hundreds of Ask Greg questions, which I can't be bothered to dig through.
  12. I don't mind Takanuva being a little OP if you consider Toa of Light being a near antithesis to Makuta.
  13. The Protectors are the main characters of the book. The Toa do appear, although only briefly.
  14. I haven't read the disc, but keep in mind that the elements early on were also associated with regions. Earth and Air are most likely opposites. Le-Matoran are described as energetic and constantly moving in the trees. Imagine how claustrophobic it would be in Onu-Koro. Stone would be weak to water. The phrase "sink like a rock" comes to mind. Of course, I should specify that I doubt that G1 uses pokemon or video game logic when it comes to this. I see the Toa's powers being less efficient in an opposite area, not -10 to Kopaka every turn.
  15. Marendar is most likely tracking down Toa. That's literally all we know about it. We don't even know how it eliminates Toa, so we can't even guess where it would go to accomplish its task.
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