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  1. Teebert

    Nostalgic Score

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance....wow, I haven't played that in years. It was a pretty good game, too. Though I never did have the patience to level Marche up as a Ninja so he could learn the two-sword skill so he could use both Red and Blue Breaker at the same time.
  2. Teebert


    +2 Awesome Points for using an image with Beato. That is all.
  3. Teebert

    O M G

    Thanks for sharing what you've learned, Mordin.
  4. Teebert

    Real-world Crossovers

    He might be referring to off-BZP fanfics, y'know. =P
  5. Teebert

    Every Breath You Take

    Supposing that it is indeed the Edward Cullen song... Every Breath You Take was sung by Sting. Sting is British. Robert Pattinson is British. Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen. Sting is Edward Cullen.
  6. Gurren. But then you absolutely MUST name a Beedrill Simon, so you can tell it that its drill is the one that will pierce the heavens.
  7. Teebert


    Old news. Been changed for, like...years now. Get with the times, man.
  8. Teebert

    Dear Science

    this is old news I read somewhere shortly after the first Iron Man movie came out that the military was designing some sort of exo-skeletal super soldier This is different. This thing flies but doesn't work as a super-soldier suit. The super-soldier suit gives a human extra strength, but not flight. I await the fusion of the two.
  9. Teebert

    Dear Science

    The future is beginning its arrival.
  10. Teebert

    Thoracic Park

    "Pedicles." Such a lovely word.
  11. I would totally go for it. But would I have to do something special when I used the powers, so I didn't accidentally just will some law of reality to change?
  12. Hey, I got that exact same email a couple weeks ago!
  13. Teebert

    Joys Of Joys

    So you're saying don't make enemies with a person from the country of Liberia? Or did you just misspell libertarian or librarian?
  14. That's not bad, that's smart. One should always be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
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