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  1. Welcome back board, we've missed you! I've made a new page... or two Page: 3 Page: 4 ~Z
  2. I've always loved your Character designs over the years, and it still continues with this one! ~Z
  3. That looks amazing! Not sure if B6 is repairing Tohu or influencing him from the shadows... ~Z
  4. Haha, yes it's some wall. My old stuff? Really? Thanks. Well everyone... 20 months later and I have completed the next page. NEW PAGE I've had issues with this why it took too long. Sorry guys.
  5. Gosh, how I've missed looking at your Work. Always amazed me how you pulled them off.
  6. Welcome one and all to, what I like to call my "official" return to the Comic Forums. Page: 1 Page: 2 Page: 3 Page: 4 (I'll fix this post... at some point.) Hope you guys do return... It's going to be good... I like to believe xp
  7. And let the Terrible Comics Begin!
  8. Zahaki

    long time no see

    Good to see you back and about, Miss Nuvia. ^^
  9. Figured I should show my support over here. These pages look amazing Ak, I can't wait to see the next thousand pages. Lets see if we'll be able to keep up with multiple projects.
  10. Took about an hour to get the Link to work -.- I ended up pulling up old BBCodes I used back on the classic BZP... Title Card: Zahaki Edition You might want to hid the colour blobs I forgot to remove XD
  11. I'll post my edit of the 'Title Card' Sunday night, its currently 12am annnnnnnd I gotta get up for work in 4 hours 0.o I'm liking how it turned out so far though ^^
  12. I like to lurk in the shadows... Mostly I'll add my part to the tittle card when I get home from work tonight.
  13. Yay for a new comic, and with me. Wow, I think it would be quite impressive if you did all of those things at once. Xp
  14. End of May? I might wrap something up... Yet what will I ever Draw? *Evil Smile*
  15. I can't wait for to see Phy wearing the Heroes Helmets ^^
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