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    You won't be very interested, but if you say so.<br /><br />Music:<br />Switchfoot<br />Relient K<br />Sanctus Real<br />David Crowder*Band<br />Tenth Avenue North<br /><br />Books:<br />Not much of a reader, but I like the Chronicles of Narnia.<br /><br />Movies:<br />The Chronicles of Narnia (both of them)<br />Pirates of the Carribean (I've only seen the first and second)<br />Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (it was ok not amazing but ok)<br /><br />Video games:<br />Super Smash Bros. Brawl<br />The Legend of Zelda<br />Mario<br />Sonic the Hedgehog<br />Pokemon<br /><br />I also play guitar not very well yet, but I'm working at it.

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  1. So you like Relient K to? Well I don't find too many Relient K fans... Even though I like Switchfoot a little more. Both bands are good though.

  2. Hey, how's it going?

  3. Yeah, of course I remember you. :P

  4. OMG HEY

    remember meeeeeeee?

  5. I'm good, I guess.

  6. Hey how are you?

  7. OK, I know! I now get those kind of pointless comments and now I say, the Eagles rule and the Cardinals suck! Whoo!

  8. Hi.Hi.Hi.Hi.Hi. now ya do :P

  9. HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! (Well now you do get hi comments :D)

  10. OK? Strange I never get hi comments.

  11. New hunters comic up!

  12. No she doesn't I should know (I live with her) but, I listen hard rock some not metal though.

  13. Hey cordak check ot my new comics.

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