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  1. So you like Relient K to? Well I don't find too many Relient K fans... Even though I like Switchfoot a little more. Both bands are good though.

  2. Yeah, of course I remember you. :P

  3. I'm good, I guess.

  4. OK, I know! I now get those kind of pointless comments and now I say, the Eagles rule and the Cardinals suck! Whoo!

  5. OK? Strange I never get hi comments.

  6. No she doesn't I should know (I live with her) but, I listen hard rock some not metal though.

  7. Why did you temporarily close the Hunters anyway? Are you not gonna be able to make comics for awhile?

  8. Yo welcome to BZP we hope you have a great stay here.

  9. Gatanui is right don't use emoicons like that.

  10. Welcome to BZPower

  11. Welcome to BZP PM me if you need help with anything.

  12. By the way I'm not one.

  13. Welcome to BZPower if you ever need help PM the or comment the other guys not me. Well then again what are the forum mentors for.

  14. You should really start posting.

  15. It's fine maybe they'll be satisfied with my comic I made for ~the invasion~ (I doubt it though).
  16. No give it to me I wanna hug the Kraata!

  17. I forgot to say thanks for making me a co-author.

  18. ToonCordak

    Comic Sharing

    Here you can post a link to your comic series and advertise your comics.
  19. Here you can ask for move sets and challenge people to battles.
  20. Here you can talk about any comic on BZP.
  21. What did you do raid my friends list and some other members friends lists and added them to your friends?

  22. Most of us don't read comic books so we weren't interested probably.

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