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  1. IC: Barius - Nightmare Pits The Skakdi's focus was momentarily disrupted as Parnassus' voice wormed its way into his head. I hear you, demon, came his response. He stopped to take a breath as he pulled his club from his back, unsure how to proceed with the Aspect. He wanted to win, but using the connection to 'cheat' felt like a hollow victory. And worse, it would place him in a precarious position with his patron. Barius had stressed before to Corrivalis that perception was everything; it wouldn't do to have the Skaks perceive him as a weakling who could not win on his own strength alone. He could not let the shadowy trickster hold something like that over him. He could not accept the aid of the Aspect. Do not interfere, he added, firmly. You will only distract me. He brandished his club, shutting out everything else but the larger, older Skak before him. OOC: @Conway @Unreliable Narrator @Keeper of Kraata @Nato the Traveler
  2. IC: Ollem - Stone Suva (7, 8) "That... could be. But I'm not sure. Let's try moving some more of this sand before we try turning the Suva again. If we don't find anything else, then we can assume that north-northeast is somehow relevant. Maybe it's the point we have to turn to in order to 'input' one of the pillars?" OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Barius - Nightmare Pits He released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. A moment passed as he cracked his knuckles. "Guess we'll find out." A grin crept up the corners of his mouth-- not so much from the nerves or any kind of satisfaction, but just from the sheer adrenaline of the situation. This was the moment he'd been waiting for for years. Win or lose, he was about to learn his life's purpose. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Keeper of Kraata @Conway @Nato the Traveler
  4. IC: Ollem - Stone Suva (7, 8) Ollem huffed. He wasn't quite exhausted yet, but his limbs were starting to burn with exertion. "I don't have anything special. If we were to get rid of it, we'd have to move it all by hand, which would be backbreaking work. And if there were any wind to speak of, it'd be blowing back in our faces faster than we could move it, anyhow." He plopped down onto his rear, thinking about the Suva and its connection to the 6 outer pillars. There had to be something he and Mahrika could do. They did not need help. Two Matoran could absolutely do this. They just needed to figure out what they were doing, before they exhausted themselves completely. OOC: @Harvali
  5. IC: Barius - Nightmare Pits The Skak's heartlight beat faster, as anticipation suffused his entire being. His muscles tensed, joints became rigid as he prepared for the moment of truth. It was almost time. Time to kill or be killed.
  6. IC: Ollem - Stone Suva (7, 8) "Ah!" Ollem exclaimed as he stood up, his excavation having so far proved fruitless. "That's an excellent find! Good work, Mahrika." He quickly walked over to the Suva. If it turned, then surely that would be part of the puzzle. "Perhaps it's like a safe dial?" He suggested, not bothering to think whether his newfound companion would be familiar with the concept. "If that's the case, then those six pillars would be the 'numbers'. Here, let's turn it some and see what happens. We'll turn it to... 'I live'." He spun his finger around in a circle in order to indicate a clockwise direction. He was assuming the standard workings of safes he was familiar with, yes, but it was worth trying. And if the answer was some logical sequence, 'I live' seemed like the obvious first input. "Ready?" Whereas Mahrika was already tired, Ollem seemed inexhaustible, already having wrapped his arms around the Suva to get a grip on its surface. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  7. IC: Ollem - Stone Suva (7, 8) "That's alright," Ollem muttered. "I think I have some ideas. Do you think you could take another look at the pillars and the suva itself? I'm wondering if there's any kind of mechanism on them, like a button, or a switch..." OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC: Ollem - Suva of Stone (7, 8) Nothing. Well, he felt nothing, anyway. He reached up and touched his mask to confirm that it hadn't changed without his noticing. It had not. That was alright. He'd had a feeling that nothing would happen. For one, it seemed like there was something to this place-- some riddle that needed answering. For two, he was a Matoran. He wasn't sure anything would happen even if they got the Suva 'working'. Whatever that might entail. But clearly, it was supposed to 'work' in some way. The image of the Toa had her mask changing when she laid her hand on the Suva. That couldn't just be a coincidence. He got down on his knees and stuck his hands into the sand, and began to scoop the countless grains out of the way. Maybe there was something going on with the floor, here. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Harvali
  9. IC: Ollem - Suva of Stone (7, 8) Ollem placed a hand on his chin, considering the possible meanings of everything they were seeing. The repeated activity of the Toa of Water was strangely nostalgic; it reminded him of a holo demonstrating how to use something, like one used to see in Metru-Nui. Except those holos, though changing, were usually flat images, fixed in one location. Curious, he stretched out a hand and laid it on the suva, like the image of the Ga-Toa kept doing. OOC: @Harvali @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Barius - Irnakk's Tooth (7, 10) For once, Barius was not grinning. He was no coward, but here, in the depths of Irnakk's Tooth, even he felt fear. Not fear of the dark, or of ghosts, or even of dying, per se, but fear of failure. He feared losing to Nektann. Most of all, he feared being thrown into the Nightmare Pits, and the gruesome transformation into a Tahtorak that would follow. Even death would be preferable to that. At least in death, there was a chance that his tale could be carved into his teeth, that something of him would persist even after he had parted from this mortal coil. But if he failed here, he would be turned into a Tahtorak, and that would be all that remained of his legacy. Fleeting apparitions awaited around every corner on their descent, and twisted masks of death haunted his periphery; all of his own likeness, frozen in the process of tearing and ripping apart into a truly nightmarish creature. The images did not scare him, not like his own thoughts could do, but they did unsettle him-- enough so that he felt the need to perform confidence before the other Warskaks. No one has spoken since they had passed the threshold into the mountain's interior, and he would not break that silence; however, he needed to do something, and so he forced a sneer, and slapped a meaty hand on the prisoner's dome, as if to say, We're almost there, bucko! OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Nato the Traveler @Keeper of Kraata @Conway @Sparticus147 @Anyone else in the Warskaks that I'm forgetting IC: Ollem - Wastes Suva (7, 8) "...Kind of," the Onu-Matoran answered. "The images are made by bending light, to put it simply. Kind of like Av-Toa can do." But the theory needed testing, and so he approached the flickering mirage of the Ga-Toa, and began to examine it. OOC: @Harvali
  11. IC: Ollem - Wastes Suva (7, 8) The Matoran shrugged, taking a deep breath. There was more to tell this strange Matoran, but there would be time for that later. For now, they had to figure out what was going on here. "I think the Toa might be..." He looked around. Based on what he'd seen, this world looked pretty low-tech compared to Metru-Nui-- or at least, what was left of it did. But maybe it hadn't always been that way. "Back in Metru-Nui, we had these things called holograms, that were... basically images projected into the air by devices. I wonder whether the Suva might be doing something similar?" He looked back at her. "By the way, uh, what should I call you? I'm Ollem." OOC: @Harvali
  12. IC: Ollem - Wastes Suva (7, 8) "They're big," Ollem began, "like a Toa. Intimidating. They've got big mandibles that they hold and fire Kanoka with, and they carry around staves that have different kinds of powers. Sometimes they walk upright, other times they crawl on all fours, like beasts of the earth." It was clear from his tone that he did not like Vahki. OOC: @Harvali
  13. IC: Ollem - Wastes Suva (7, 8) Ollem winced. Right, she wasn't from Metru-Nui; she wouldn't know everything he talked about. "Ah, that's what the Vahki are, sorry. In a manner of speaking, anyway." He glanced at the Kanoka she was holding. It looked distinctly like Ga-Metruan handiwork. Maybe she salvaged it off a Vahki? Which would mean the survivors have been sending out parties. To look for him, maybe? Eh, probably not. More likely scouting out the surroundings. He wondered if the locals had had Kanoka disks, but he wasn't sure how to ask. "That disk you're holding, we had those in Metru-Nui..." OOC: @Harvali
  14. IC: Ollem - Wastes Suva (7, 8) "Well, we lived in a city... A really big city. And everyone I knew worked all the time. Some of them worked in the forges, others in the archives, yet others were scholars-- but I didn't know any scholars. And, I guess there were some other jobs, but I just worked in the mines. Or, well, I was supposed to, anyway..." He paused. It was kind of weird to have a conservation while one of the participants couldn't see the other. "I-I'm gonna... make myself visible again. Don't be startled..." He hit the button on his SFG, and the faint air distortions that had marked his position grew in both size and intensity, and over the course of half a second, resolved themselves into the image of an unremarkable Onu-Matoran. Or at least, unremarkable for a Metruan. By the way she spoke, it seemed a fellow Matoran of any kind was extremely remarkable to Mahrika. He was silent for a couple seconds as he stared at the other Matoran. "Uh, to answer your other questions... We did have Toa in Metru-Nui... Well, we still have Toa, I reckon, but there's not a Metru-Nui anymore." There was some distaste in his tone. *First real threat to the Matoran since I've been alive, and the Toa fail dramatically to keep us safe,* he thought to himself. *Why do we even have them?* "There are some Turaga, too," he continued. "If the decrepit sods survived the crash." He frowned. "Oh. And there are plenty of *Vahki*." He spat the word, but offered no elaboration. Ollem displayed visible confusion when she asked about the 'new mountain'. Now that he was visible again, and moreover, fairly certain she wasn't going to shoot him, he turned around. Oh. Looming on the horizon was the colossal robot head that had borne him here. It almost made him chuckle, the sheer absurdity of it. "Do you mean that?" OOC: @Harvali
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