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  1. IC: Providence - Weird Tunnels "I might have to stoop a bit, but I should fit just fine, I think." He bowed his head and bent his knees, bringing his effective height down about a foot or so. "Let's go." He said decisively, before awkwardly waddling inside. OOC: @Dane @Unreliable Narrator
  2. IC: Providence - Man-Made Tunnels, Northern Wastes "Indeed..." Providence muttered, deliberately fixing his facial features into an exaggerated expression of puzzlement. "Not what I was expecting to find by any means, but certainly interesting. Do you want to investigate?" He wondered who - or what - might have made them. And why did they have wind pouring out of them, howling past the lips of the numerous entrances? OOC: @Dane
  3. IC: Providence - The Wastes "Bah! The Skakdi are harmless," Prov countered. "If they try anything, they can be pacified easily." He wasn't lying; however, his perspective on the Skakdi was formed by his never having left the Kumu Islets before now (and, indeed, never having met a Skakdi), and so he had a much more subservient image of them than most. OOC: @Dane @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Providence - Out on the Wastes Providence moved his legs like pistons, developing a great forward lean in order to make himself more aerodynamic. Eventually, with Vent slowing slightly, he was able to catch up and keep pace with his newfound friend. The moving of his legs became automatic, and with no need to breathe, he was able to speak with them. "So, are we just going to run around until we find something interesting?" He asked. OOC: @Dane
  5. IC: Providence - Rapidly leaving Metru-Koro "Oh, dear!" Providence exclaimed, as he was left alone with a Vent-shaped cloud of dust. He tried to catch up, but alas; even with his armor made significantly lighter, he still could not generate the speed needed to keep pace with his new friend. He might have played dirty and tried to slow her down, but, his powers consisting of shadow and sleep, he reckoned that would have only disastrous outcomes.
  6. IC: Providence - Metru-Koro "Oh, haha, that feels strange." He hopped into the air a significant distance. "I suppose I should be able to move much faster like this! Good thinking."
  7. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann Barius nodded, and gestured to the bike, as if inviting the Aspect to hand it off to him. He'd tune it up good. There was a certain balance to be struck, between rebellion to 'Boss', and adherence to the order of the Warskaks. As far as Barius was concerned, Boss turning down a Kraata meant he was negotiating with Parnassus not for his own benefit, but for the good of the warband as a whole. He represented all of them, in this instance. So Boss' deal wasn't something he could or would push back on. Besides, it was a pretty nice bike. OOC: @Conway@Vezok's Friend IC: Providence - Metru-Koro "Right! Out with it, then," Providence said, as they walked away from the shack. He wasn't sure what an oyster was, but that bit sounded like it was meant as a good thing. He was more concerned with Vent's supposed idea about his speed. OOC: @Dane
  8. IC: Providence - Metru-Koro "Ah, that's unfortunate. Oh, well. Nice to meet you," He said, smiling at Rose. @Tarn @Dane
  9. IC: Providence - Metru-Koro "Oh, we're gonna go explore some old ruins!" "...Though, I don't actually know where to find any old ruins. Do either of you?" OOC: @Tarn @Dane
  10. IC: Providence - Metru-Koro "...Haha. I don't like to tell everyone that I'm made of gas, but yes. And, it's the Kumu Islets." He smiled. Friend, huh? That sounded quite nice. OOC: @Tarn @Dane
  11. IC: Providence - Metru-Koro Providence went silent, fixing his attention on the colossal effort of keeping up with Vent. It was almost eerie, the way he bounded after his newfound friend without the huffing and puffing most would be doing.
  12. IC: Providence - Metru-Koro "Sure!" Providence's false mouth turned upwards in a smile. "I'm assuming this place is a 'Metru-Koro'?" He gestured to the nearby settlement.
  13. IC: Providence - Outside Metru-Koro "Woo!" Providence yelped as he stepped backwards to avoid being 'splashed' with sand. "Haha, that sounds lovely-- finding more people to join us, I mean. We'll have a grand old time, all of us together! Do you have anyone in mind?" OOC: @Dane
  14. IC: Barius - Fort Nektann The Skakdi scowled to himself as he heard Parnassus' negotiation. Was he here to offer 'Boss' yet another Kraata? If that were the case, then he'd have to try and make a pact with the Aspect as well. OOC: @Conway @Unreliable Narrator IC: Providence - Outside Metru-Koro "That sounds quite agreeable to me. If 'vehicles' are anything like your board, they must be quite fun!" OOC: @Dane
  15. IC: Providence, Outside Metru-Koro The mouth of Providence's armor contorted into a slight frown. "You're probably right. I can run in my armor, but I'm not great at it. I certainly can't go as fast as you were earlier! But I'm sure you'd be willing to slow down a bit for me, right?" He cocked his head. "After all, adventuring alone is no fun."
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