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  1. Player Name: Burnmad Campaign: #5, A Dance With Time Character Name: Efandril Darkfire (alias Efandril Aodh) Gender, Age, Element: Female, 19, Fire Personality: A smooth-talking stateswoman and a skillful puppet master, Efandril does her best to give the impression of a bright-eyed youth, but sometimes cannot suppress her cold intensity from shining through. History: Born not only a Darkfire but the heir to that house’s leadership, Efandril is the greatest enemy of House Aodh, the longstanding rulers of Aodhiim. And yet, she masquerades as a member of their ranks, as she secretly plots against them. The organizer of Vakama City's destruction 3 years prior, she now orchestrates the shadowy, growing conflict between the two houses. In the original world, her history was much the same, albeit delayed. Before starting her political machinations, she devoted much of her early life to scholarly pursuits, which culminated in the rediscovery of the secrets of Darkfire, the volatile substance for which her house is named, and which was used to destroy Vakama City. Ultimately, she succeeded in slaying her opponent, Jakura Aodh, before becoming a Toa and fighting the dragon Kollorak. But no sooner had the dragon been vanquished than she began to see visions of it, in the form of the Toa Tahu, in her mind. Moments later, Miserix changed all of reality, and all she has left of the old world is Kollorak, who follows her constantly, visible only to her. Greatest Fears: Efandril’s greatest fear is to be powerless, and her other fears follow directly from this one. Death, as it is an unending state of impotence; revilement, as it is a block to social and political advancement, and hampers one’s ability to manipulate others. Greatest Dreams: Efandril's foremost desire is to hold power over others. To be the unrivaled ruler of all known lands would be her ultimate goal, but for now she sets her sights on the nation of Aodhiim. She also loves to hold power in people’s hearts and minds, and so adores the praise and reverence of others. If she could get away with it, she would surely appoint herself god-queen. Lastly, she relishes the opportunity to achieve complete dominance over another, whether through blackmail or a knife to the throat. It would bring her great satisfaction to find a way to exploit the mysterious and powerful forces of magic for such a purpose. Ultimate Power: With the achievement of ultimate power, Efandril would essentially make herself god-empress of the universe. Multiverse, even. She would wipe out Miserix, the other dragons, and any other conceivable threat to her superiority in an instant. Lesser threats she would deform or disable, making them into her personal entertainment. Everything else would be allowed to live in relative peace, with her only demanding worship while giving a great deal of order and protection in return. Of course, over the years, as she grew increasingly bored with her new world and shed the last vestiges of her sanity, none can say what she might do. It would be a dark and foreboding final line in our story. Strength: 1 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 2 Charisma: 4 Player Name: Burnmad Campaign: #1, A Game of Hunters Character Name: Reisen Tyde, AKA The Dread Pirate Reisen, Scourge of the Tides Gender, Age, Element: Male, 41, Water Personality: Harsh and more than willing to be cruel, Reisen does what is necessary to achieve his goals. But, he is amicable to fellow sailors and those outcast by society like himself. History: Doomed to poverty at birth by the low standing of his house and the death of his mother on the sea, Reisen Tyde was forced to turn to less-than-savory means in order to survive. Once a rightly legendary pirate known as the Scourge of the Tides, the hardy and sea-weathered Reisen has long since lost his crew and ship, being the only survivor of an engagement with the navy gone wrong. With no ship, no crew, no booty, and missing a leg, he was forced to give up the pirating life and go incognito in a backwater fishing town to survive. But recently, circumstances have called for him to return to the seas, joining a handful of strangers on an ill-advised quest to Shipwreck Cove. In the original world, Reisen's mother didn't die when he was a child. She was a war hero, whose achievement elevated House Tyde, and Reisen followed in her footsteps, becoming the commander of Augu Hielo's navies in his adulthood. Dynamic, resolute, and utterly straight-laced, Reisen was everything that his current version hates most. Greatest Fears: Reisen fears a watery grave above all else. Beyond that, he also is wary of giant squid, as any sailor worth their salt must be. Lastly, he fears naval authorities, though he’s more than willing to give them >heck< if need be. Greatest Dreams: Reisen would most love to regain the ship he once captained, the Chill Wind (He can find a new crew, the old one were a bunch of sods anyhow). The call of booty is also irresistible. But most of all, Reisen just wants his >darn< leg back. Ultimate Power: Reisen, in keeping with his simplicity and the experiences he's gained through his world view, would take a wiser, simpler, and more morally sound course of action by reverting the world to its original state, before reality was changed by Miserix. He would probably kill the dragons, as they represent a threat to all life, and then give up the mask. It representing too great a power to simply hide away, he'd be forced to destroy it. He may or may not give himself a great deal of wealth, a new ship, and/or replace his leg before doing so, depending on his interactions with other characters and whether he gets his memories back. Strength: 4 Agility: 2 Intelligence: 1 Charisma: 3 Player Name: Burnmad Campaign: #3, A Storm of Blood Character Name: Burnmad Aodh Gender, Age, Element: Male, 69, Fire Personality: Burnmad is a solemn and dignified, but clearly damaged fellow. Plagued by the onset of dementia and haunted by decades of leadership of Okoto's most militantly aggressive people, he is often reserved and closed off from others. Those who can get past his wizened, sullen exterior, however, find him a loyal friend, willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish what he believes is right. History: Burnmad Aodh, born heir to the rulership of the Fire Region, who participated in the overthrowing of the last king of Okoto, declared the independent nation of Aodhiim, and later oversaw the acquisition of Karamu, had a long and prosperous rulership of the region. But all things must come to an end, and so did his kingship. An end whose darkness of tone threatened to overshadow all the brightness which came before it. Plagued by the early onset of mental degradation, Burnmad declared himself unfit for rulership 3 years ago, ceding the throne to the man next in line for it-- a nephew of his. An unprecedented move in the Fire Region’s history, and one occurring just as the first signs of conflict with Darkfire were starting to come to light, just before the sudden destruction of Vakama City, it has since been a topic of much discussion, rumor, and gossip. In the original world, Burnmad was a ruler of impressive peaks and disappointing ruts. Once in a precarious position on Okoto, alienated from the other regions and the Mask Maker by a failed assassination attempt of some years past, Burnmad pulled them out of their low point by aiding the heir Pulse Vatten to reclaim his throne from the Usurper, and going on to conquer the entirety of the Jungle Region. This led to the Fire Region gaining one of the most powerful positions on Okoto. Unfortunately, their strength was ill-disposed in attempting to integrate their new territory. The people of Fire and Jungle held great animosity towards one another, and so it came to be that Burnmad met his end at the hands of a revolutionary. It was years later that the Great War began, and Burnmad was given another chance to lead his people. Greatest Fears: Burnmad’s greatest fear is to see the nation of Aodhiim go to ruin. He also fears personal disgrace, and towards the end of his rule, came increasingly to fear assassination attempts by his enemies, and so greatly increased the presence of security around him. Greatest Dreams: Burnmad wants, above all, for the nation of Aodhiim to be strong and righteous. Everything he does is done in the hopes of creating a better Aodhiim. He believes that the best way for this to happen is for House Aodh to maintain a strong rule-- by crushing enemies domestic and foreign. He also desires to enrich his people, who tend towards aggression and impulsiveness. Ultimate Power: Burnmad would be in quite an unpleasant position if he got his hands on ultimate power. Though he gives its acquisition his all, because he believes such to be his duty, in truth it would make him much happier if someone else got a hold of it. He has the intelligence to realize the complexity of literally infinite power, and the moral burden that surely exceeds what a mere, imperfect mortal could handle. As it stands, he would make the change that promotes the most happiness while changing reality the least: He would purge everyone's memories of the original reality. And that's it. I can't see him doing anything else, except perhaps stripping the dragons of their power (rather than killing them outright), and then destroying the mask. I think he's acutely aware of how much of a... cop-out, I suppose, this course of action is, and perhaps hyper-aware of how motivated it is by the fact of his being dead in the original reality. But unless someone devotes a lot of energy to persuading him that it's necessary, he won't want to play God by changing reality any more than that. Strength: 2 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 4 Charisma: 3
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    good news!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTLtFDkyryI -
  3. Alright, so Ta-Koro remains Ta-Koro, then. -
  4. I'll say that Grav probably wouldn't rename it, but if Toru or Onkoo wants to suggest new names and see if any of them speak to him, hey, maybe. -
  5. Announcing Domor of Onu-Koro, a moderate and a sworn pacifist and povert. -
  6. I will, of course, be reprising my role as Grav Muthbren, the Scab of Ta-Koro. -
  7. I think that "villain" bit is a matter of perspective, hm? -
  8. I will say that this is, for me, easily the best season we've had so far. I do, of course, give this opinion from the perspective of someone whose characters both did very well overall (one more than the other). But, I had a really good time all through the game. I especially liked being pitted against Jakura, who was a wily and formidable opponent. I very much liked having opponents that were common to the rest of the player characters, as opposed to Kulta and the Skulls which had about half the players on their side. I think it made a lot of potential for spontaneous alliances between completely unrelated factions, even if my own faction, at least, was fairly isolated from the stories of the rest of the island. On that note, I would like to see the factions tied more closely together if we get an S4. Though, I suppose that's inevitable, since there will only be one faction in S4. :^) -
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    I'm Okay I Think

    I'm glad you're doing well. As for BoM, if you're willing to do it, I certainly wanna play it. -
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    With the obligatory out of the way: Cat person, or dog person? -
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    do you dream about farm animals -
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