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  1. BTW, this is like dancing on a dead person's body.

  2. I talk abooot bannedededed memberz :P

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guys,do NOT discuss banned members. ;)

  5. lol congrats, your the first banned guy to visit my topic

  6. that's just it!!!! maybe it was the smiley's that got him banned? and i am so sorry about you getting banned it's a total bomber.

  7. so sorry,but,no,no member,not even me,can talk about banned members.so,please stop.or i will have an admin visit.

  8. Well, it says he has 8 posts, but only 4 show up on the search, so maybe his bad posts were deleted?

  9. Why was he banned? He didn't do anything wrong.

  10. He seemed like such a happy person... I mean, just look at all those smiley emoticons...

  11. You can not discuss banned members.

  12. Proably like why Necro was banned.

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