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  1. It absolutely is to the degree that I didn't even care that Smaug is a Wyvern. : D @ The sets not matching the scenes, there's a chance that scenes in the 3rd film might justify the character selection, but I wouldn't count on it. LEGO's general approach is to favour cool figures over plot accuracy, which is great for fan favourites that only have minor roles in their films.
  2. They're meant to be decaying fingernails, but looking at it I feel that I should have kept the teeth gold instead of using silver. The DUPLO here is from a recent acquisition that I'm quite proud of; 6154 Cinderella's Castle. However, I did get an awesome DUPLO ATM brick from the BioniLUG bricks, so I'll remember to give you credit for the MOC that I use it in.
  3. Entry Name: Bionic Zombie PrincessEntry Link: Here Topic Link: Here
  5. Argali is a peculiar fellow, who enjoys classy activities such as kite-sailing, scarf making, and abstract conversation. Also known as the Giver of Bagpipes, Argali is not mentally stable, and can not be trusted. Contrary to his name, Argali is predicted to be composed from either a gold-titanium alloy or plastic, with traces of rubber, fabric and magnets. Would you like to buy a bagpipe? Argali may seem to be friendly, but Borris is weary of Jigbots selling miniature instruments after a bad experience he had at sea...
  6. PowerBuild CRLMRM IRON HD 1640 9IB 64-bit HNSL DVD Extreme x32 HD Ready ABS Support Video Card Get ready for the latest development in plastic-based video card technology! The PowerBuild IRON HD Video Card features state of the art construction including a Carl Merriam endorsed 7-blade fan to deliver smooth techniques and visual displays whilst running at a constant cool temperature. 1640 Stream Processors9IB 64-bit ABS DriveThird party enhancementsI built this for an ongoing seed part challenge called Iron Builder, which requires me to make MOCs inspired by a Dark Gold Brickarms Minigun piece. I hope you enjoy it!
  7. Apparently a lot of the LEGO Movie sets have alternate models for their regular non-mech/ship vehicle counterparts. : D
  8. I love the concept so far, and it was great how the levels progressed as they departed from the generic 2D platforming design. The jumping is a bit weird, but it's better than a non-floaty jump method. I think what would help is if you added some acceleration into the beginning of the movements, rather than the instantaneous stop-start at the moment, which isn't very ghost-like. Not so much that it feels like you're on ice though. It's also quite hard to tell if the phase is on or off when you're just falling through the air, but I guess there'd be an animation to come for that? Level 5 wasn't hard enough in my opinion, but it's probably good as it is for introducing the falling block world. I was disappointed when the blocks stopped coming, since I was expecting to have to move quickly in order to avoid being blocked off from the exit and being crushed, or the blocks would fall through the floor and you'd need to platform up the falling blocks. The placing of the level is a bit odd, since you've only just been introduced to phasing but you don't seem to need it in Level 5.
  9. Entry Name: TIGERMANNEntry Pic URL: HereTopic URL (if applicable): None
  10. Brickthing

    Angled Mosaics

    Join a LUG and LUGbulk the cheese slopes?
  11. I'll just send you a PM, but that sounds fair enough.
  12. I can help you with at least one Hafu, at least one Kopeke, the Black Hau, flame sword, white Matoran legs, many Krana and possibly the parts for Krakua and/or Tobduk (I need to sort through my collection to see).I'm interested in Maxilos & Spinax (do you still have the box and instructions?), cash, and/or the following collectibles if you have them:Protodermic masks (Except Kaukau or Miru)Dark Grey HunaDark Grey KomauLight Blue HunaLight Blue RuruBlue Hau NuvaGreen Kaukau NuvaBrown Akaku NuvaBrown Hau NuvaBrown Miru NuvaRed Miru NuvaWhite Hau NuvaWhite Kaukau NuvaTan JaGunmetal JaOlive JaGunmetal BoPearl Gold BoMetal Blue CaPurple XaPurple Su
  13. Member name: BrickthingEntry Category: TuragaEntry URL: LinkThumbnail URL: Link
  14. I know it's quite late notice, but would it be possible to get a small extension to the deadline? I'm almost finished my entry but without the full story it wouldn't make much sense. I know there's at least one other person who would greatly appreciate a bit of extra time as well.
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