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  1. Very nice. You don't see many mocs with purple these days, but you did a great job. good job
  2. Nice. very original build. I've always been a fan of that mask
  3. Number one is the best in my opinion. It flows very nicely and fits the theme perfectly while still keeping to bionicle
  4. Very intriguing design. I like how you made him bulky enough so that the Axonn mask flows well. Nice job!
  5. I personally think that hahli's inika mask was weird looking
  6. I must say, for a first time drawing on a brand new computer tablet, great job. It looks very good. I look forward to seeing more of your drawings, especially as you get even better. 8/10 from me!
  7. Great job here! i like how you made it out of proportion, it gives it the "oh ######, Furno's toast" effect. I also like how you made Furno somewhat reminiscent of Megaman, at least in his leg design. 9/10 from me!
  8. Nice job! I love how epic everything looks! Its great! 10/10 from me!
  9. You do a good job of making a murderous warmonger look innocent haha. nice job
  10. Nice. I like the design of him. I'd really like to see that mask made into physical form that could be put on a moc. I like it. 9/10 from me!
  11. I must say that the modified pakari is my favorite. It looks nice and will look nice on a good moc. I can't wait to see these on some creations!
  12. This is interesting. I'd really like to hear more about this after it is completed and can be installed
  13. Wow this is really amazing. Great job on this one. I thought the old one was awesome, but you just out the icing on the cake for a really great moc. I really like that you've incorporated so much gold into him, which is really nice. I don't give 10 out of 10's, but this one deserves it! 10 out of 10 from me!
  14. No way! I have that same sword from forever ago! haha good moc by the way. Very interesting design. 7.5/10 from me
  15. Very interesting toa, I must say. hoka is by far my favorite of the trio, and I've always been a fan of bow-like weapons. I like his color scheme myself. THe other two are alright, although my one suggestion is to make Hahana a bit bulkier. Other than that, great job. 8/10 from me!
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