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  1. like 11 years later and this is still the most popular topic ever i swear Holy Cow! by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
  2. vataki

    Cool Bird Society

    i just love how everyone's face was like "she's a bird??? what???" also the poster for part 2 is A+ great work good job!
  3. vataki

    Cool Bird Society

    the dvd cover is very dramatic i wonder what it means but seriously yeah the art is really great on it, the whole thing looks great! good job!!
  4. vataki

    Cool Bird Society

    things are getting intense now for some reason i bet you'll hire chath and me again so you can fire us again that seems right
  5. vataki

    Cool Bird Society

    there goes dj calling herself hot again would we expect anything less? also im glad you gave my job back, now i can feed my parrot. and my grandma's cousin's uncle. etc. etc. also i dont think i've mentioned yet how fond i am of the art style. its simplistic but it fits very well. (i mostly said that to avoid my post getting deleted tbh) ok cool cool yo
  6. Yeah, it will have a plot. And yes you and very few past PGSs will still be in it. I have some old sprites of yours, don't know if they're up to date though. Sadly, I'm probably not one of them. I think I got banished to a small town in the dessert. (who knows, I may meet up with vataki, probably in the background as a begger) sorry if it lets you down, but Shadows will feature a very strict cast of about 4 characters. so unfortunately, i have no room for any guest appearances this time.
  7. vataki

    Cool Bird Society

    wow good job hurting everyone's feelings and also you never told me you had become a bird gosh youre such a nerd good job good job wow amazing
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHOO WHOO WHOO HELLO FRIENDS so here's the deal: a few weeks ago, Giggles here was discussing his plans for "Ultimo" with me so that i could help him with some of the storyline stuff, and we sort of mutually came up with an idea of a side-plot, or sort of prequel to Ultimo. Giggles proposed, since he will be very busy with Ultimo, that i come out of retirement to author this sort of prequel side-series, that is set to run simultaniously with Ultimo, in the same topic. this has become "Shadows", as we have decided to call it. it will take place after Timely Insanity: 8th Generation (which is supposed to take place shortly after Noobicorn Inc. 5th Generation), and a few years before Noobicorn Inc.: Ultimo. i am happy to take part in my brother's new comic series, and also to have this chance to give my discontinued comic series some closure. this will be my final comic series authored full-time on BZPower, as i have already announced my retirement several months ago. i am still retiring as soon as Shadows and Ultimo have finished. i can answer any further questions if you all have any. until then, -vataki
  9. i became super rad and mysterious seems cool
  10. wait did Giggles vanish into nothingness after admitting what he did to Nan? this is a new side of Giggles we've never seen make a comic about this now
  11. nice comic, but i think those two would technically be considered doppelgangers i think gender bent characters would be more like if they were the same characters, only in a different dimension where they're opposite to the gender they were before but yeah, still an interesting comic, looking forward to see how it plays out!
  12. Giggles' expression when he says "nobody cares, Meg" makes that part hilarious, and is probably the funniest thing this season so far bravo
  13. aw dang sure hope Lulu is ok that "fandom monster" thing seems pretty scary
  14. i much enjoyed the part where they watched war horse also i think i ship Giggles and Nub now new OTP yes
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