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  1. I LOLed when I saw your username :)

  2. would you be interested in more system? im selling all of my LEGO Bricks.

  3. number 6 has to be the best but number 5 is too true
  4. I need 25 thornax, RIGHT NOW. please send me some! my name on MLN is exo-forcefan (even though I HATE exo-force ) I just need 1 more red pearl, and part 2 and 3 of the spear (and the 25 thornax) then I will be done! anyone who can help me will get part of my leftover thornax (I have all 12 slots full of thornax growers) and there will be like 60 left over after I get everything else
  5. I guess I have 9003pts, I play a elec keyboard that has the settings to play any instrument, I just type in the instrument's name, and I can play it with my keyboard, its awesome.
  6. oreo. I make it myself. and no, you cant have any.
  7. LOL, I was drinking Pepsi while reading this and I open my mouth shoot it all over the laptop screen! I saved the keyboard just in time. :superfunny: :superfunny: ~Terakk I don't see what's so funny about that comment, but whatever. -Sidorak- im trying to stay on my chair after that one, its hard to. I see it as a very funny thought, and I dont see why I wouldent be.
  8. huray! we now know the truth! thank you very much greg
  9. yar.. check me blog often, i has responded to your statement me harty...

  10. get to me blog me harty, yoho

  11. lol vakama was melting, so he got a sun umbrella. LOL
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