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  1. It's tough to keep your eyes ablaze in these faith free, hope free, charity free days - but a little companionship goes a long way.
  2. Not much of me - really me - left anymore. Ah well - makes my job all that much easier. A second iteration of a MOC I uploaded a few days ago. I wasn't fully satisfied with how he'd turned out, and had made the mistake of not asking for feedback on the initial design. There's some things from the old design which I liked that were lost for stability purposes etc, and it's by no means perfect, but overall I feel the tweaking was a solid improvement!
  3. Careful, he's known to snap.
  4. Benevolent guardian, or ancient death machine? No one quite remembers - least of all himself.
  5. He's pretty riled up. #DJOKEMSOKEM
  6. Don't talk to him before he's had his coffee.
  7. "Me, a master chef? Not until I get 3 Michelin stars!"
  8. "The human face is, afterall, nothing more nor less than a mask."
  9. Come back to me when you have coin, and an enemy.
  10. Guard thou well and wisely the great and glorious gift entrusted to thee, To none of the angels on high have its secrets ever been revealed and imparted, Save to thyself.
  11. Beware what lurks in the shadows of the night.
  12. Should, dear friend, you see the beast soar, Through clouds, churning and towering and more, Run from his claw, Flee from his roar, Lest you intend to end up in his maw. Built for Jayfa's Dragon contest over on Instagram.
  13. Not all Doop-Los are bent on war; some awaken to realms beyond, travelling the Dooplonian world to spread knowledge of the mythical Sis-Tem.Built for a Secret Santa Project for Optimus Convoy.
  14. Part insect, part machine gun.
  15. "My predecessors preferred black coats - hides the blood. They were messy; they let their passion interfere with their work. I have no time for such inefficiencies."
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