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  1. Okami! But I also play a little bit SSBB sometimes.

  2. Yes it is, but I didn't draw it. ;)

  3. Wait a minute...

    Luffy defeated a mech

    on Mecha Island and he's a pirate, so...

  4. Rusty relics?

  5. Men, load the cannons!

    Obliterate those metal morons!

  6. YARRRRGHH! The Antroz Pirates are taking over this here profile, unless you hand over every single piece o' gold!

  7. Robotnik sez your profile needs moar muscles! :D

  8. Why does no-one pay attention to WEEGEE?!

  9. The birds are singing! Isn't it beautiful?

  10. Hai! Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to eat somebody's parents! :D

  11. You BURN'D dinner. D:

  12. FTW = For The Win.

  13. Yeah, YTP FTW!

    I would start up a topic about it, but "that video site" isn't allowed to be discussed. -_-

  14. Who'd have that dinner would be DX's weakness? :P

  15. You've just been dinner blast'd! :D

  16. *looks around* Me?

  17. The gender switch.

  18. O_O....

    I didn't see that coming...

  19. Apparently, he does.

    I believe I read it on Wikipedia somewhere.

  20. Thanks! It is much appreciated :)!

  21. Hello to you too :)!

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