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    Well, I'll keep this short cause i know you won't read it.<br /><br /><br />Interests:<br />Bionicle<br />BZPower<br />MLN<br />West Ham United<br />Socks<br />Spoon<br /><br />Hobbies:<br />Soccer(Football)<br />Swimming<br />BSA<br />Trombone<br />PS3<br />DS<br />Archery<br />BB Gun/.22 Cal shooting<br />Bleeding<br /><br />Bands:<br />Bob Marley and the Wailers <br />Justin Hines and the Dominoes <br />Cockney Rejects<br />Sham69<br />4Skins<br />UK Subs<br />The Ejected<br />The Ramones <br />Devo<br />Stiff Little Fingers<br /><br />Movies:<br />Saving Private Ryan<br />Platoon<br />Star Wars<br />Indiana Jones<br />Austin Powers<br />Blades of Glory<br />Napolian Dynamite<br />Semi Pro<br />Taladaga Knights<br />Kicking and Screaming<br />The Last of the Mohicans<br />The Battle of Britain<br />A Night at the Roxbury<br /><br />TV Shows:<br />Camp Lazlo<br />Cops<br />Fresh Prince of Bel Air<br />Full House<br />Family Matters<br />George Lopez<br /><br />Video Games:<br />Call of Duty: Finest Hour<br />Call of Duty 2: Big Red One<br />Call of Duty 3<br />Call of Duty: World at War<br />Battlefront 2<br />Pacman<br />Galaga<br />Galaxian<br />Dig Doug<br />Mappy<br />Burnout Revenge

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  1. yuyuyuy

    umm i mean i agree with the people below. And the person who is talking right now. Which is me.

  2. you like spoons too.

  3. thou art the noobiest noob in all of noob land!! XD XD XD

  4. nobody fights the empire and wins, BOY!! not even a jedi!!

  5. You're insane.

    Kazi out.

  6. bloop to that good sir

  7. Listen you, stay away from Jun's comment box. Or else.

    Oh my god! Your the same [insert bad word] that started the Vahki back up! Rrrrr.

    Now I'm really out to get you.

    I'm going to make this long.

    I AM Toa Zehvor MT's friend, and I support his cause, not yours.

    And this isn't SPAM, this is a message.

    Toa Zehvor Kpik

  8. remember me.

    also you not NOob

  9. DORA is cool...

  10. Come to think of it, neither can I now. :P

  11. Haha, I know that. :P But the main point of the post was that you could get pieces at a Pick-a-Brick store that don't appear in sets. (excluding collectables)

  12. noob

    Vahki Recruiting Station

    What unit is it? If it is the High Vahki, they are our allies.


  14. Ah.

    Assuming that that is the only reason, I REJECT YOUR STATEMENT AND DON'T SUBSTITUTE ANYTHING. :P

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