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    Well, I like Bionicle. My favorite and first Bionicle was Lewa Mata. My goal in Bionicle is to collect them all. So far I am missing The Manas, 2003 hewkii, 2003 Hahli, 2003 Kopeke, Roodaka, and Lessovikk. I'm doing pretty good considering how many Bionicles there are. I also like Kingdom Hearts alot. Xemnas is my favorite Organization XIII member. I can't wait to get Birth by Sleep.<br /><br />I like alot of T.V. shows too:<br />I like the Simpsons alot, probably my favorite. Futurama, Family Guy and American Dad are great too. Fringe is also a good show. I like Naruto, and am hoping they get past filler episodes and get to Shipuden all ready! Full Metal Alchemist is also pretty good, even though it's pretty violent.<br /><br />Movies:<br />The Simpsons Movie, The Futurama Movies and Star Wars are up there. Get Smart was hilarious along with Step Brothers and Tropic thunder. I like pretty much anything with Will Ferall in it. Like Taladega Nights, Semi-Pro, and Blades of glory (alot of sports movies). Zoolander was a good movie, So was Starsky and Hutch so you could say I like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson alot. The Full Metal Alchemist movie was a good one. The Naruto movies are good too, but I dislike the Waterfall one. That guy got a sword stabbed through his body, he should be dead! One of my favorites... Watchmen. The fighting scenes were really cool, and the Comedian was my favorite character. The music was also very, very good. <br /><br />Music:<br />I like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Wierd Al. His songs are so funny! Yellow Card is also good... My friend is getting me into Journey, and I like a bunch of other songs but I can't think of them right now. I'm starting to like Blink 182. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas (a shame they broke up), and random assortments of other songs.<br /><br />Books:<br />I like Hitchikers guide to the galaxy, that's smart humor. I also enjoy the Artemis Fowl Series.<br /><br />Who new!?

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  1. Hello, I haven't visited your page for a while...

  2. I counted Cure... BTW, have you heard Linkin Park's new song, "New Divide"? You can hear it on their site and it rocks (in my opinion).

  3. I disagree. Unless you count Cure. But the first time I played the game I didn't even realize cure was in it until I fought Riku in Mulan's world.

  4. Magic helped a lot, though:)

  5. IGN is far from dumb. Just because it gave KH2 a bad review doesn't make it dumb. And it had a point, there was no strategy to the game, just button mashing would get you through it. You never NEEDED to use magic, either.

  6. Well, IGN is...um...dumb. On most websites I've been on KH1 had gotten a better score than KH2. How is that possible?!

  7. True. You know, KH2 got really bad reviews on IGN.

  8. I started a new game on KH2 the other day. I've been playing around with Reflect, too. Now, it is one of my favorite spells. I guess I never used it enough to figure out how awesome it is.

  9. You got that right :)

  10. It's the most useful, I think. It strikes, like everywhere.

  11. Thundaga's my favorite spell, too.

  12. 'Course not. But it's definately not useless. My favorite's probably Thundaga, or Firaga. So deadly...

  13. I was just wondering what you thought. Is Reflect your favorite spell?

  14. bum di da bum bum, bum di da bum bum, bum di da bum bum, bum di da buuuuum!!!!It's m the evil Teridax lurking in your profile!!

  15. Not at all. There are multiple times, only in Final Mix though, that it is crucial to beat something. Refleaga is awesome! It helps, alot!

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