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    Pokemon, Bionicle, Spongebob, Simpsons, Wii, Piano, Sonic, Megaman, Portal, Penguins, Piplup.<br />Friend codes:<br />DS:<br />Pokémon Pearl: 2579- 2046- 6932<br />Pokémon Platinum: 3266- 2082- 0697<br />LoZ PH: 3738- 2232- 6544<br />Pokemon MD EoT: 2320- 8329- 3506<br />MPH: 0516 4865 9491<br /><br />Wii:<br />Mario Kart: 3308-4792-5558<br />Brawl: 3609 2770 9021 <br />Animal Crossing: 2578-7402-6879<br /><br />I'll finish it later.

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  1. AQWorlds is awesome! im a member, Bionicles and AQW are like the 2 best things ever.

  2. u can flap but not to the college of your choice i tell u

  3. Yeah, I forgot about it and didn't finish it in time. But luckily, I finished it. Seeing as it's too late for FCG1 though, it'll be part of the Bionicle Rescue 4 Episode Series. Episode 1, to be exact. It will be posted soon on the Game Guys website. As for any clue towards Episode 2, let's just say Ninjas. So yeah. Once the Ninja's Sprite is finished, I'll let you all see it.
  4. 1. They seem pretty awesome. 2. I disagree with Ben 10 and Cars. They're just to childish for me. I strongly agree with Lego Rock Band and Prince Of Persia. Both awesome themes, in my opinion. 3. Nope, not at all 4. Because it probably won't make a good set
  5. Thanks. I didn't receive it, perhaps because of the weirdness of the BZP system.

  6. I did send a reply. I'll resend it, just incase.

  7. ... and if you could reply to it too?

  8. I do believe you requested a PBZP from me... but the specifics were lost in the downtime, so I'll PM you to restate it.

  9. IM BACK . (Twighlit zone music)

  10. Toa Flappy

    Tsc Final Poll!

    Tembe and Dijon. Just think it's the best entry.
  11. It could be Barry Scott. But then you'd go death after a few days >.<
  12. Toa Flappy

    Tsc Voting!

    Poll A: Meta Ridley Poll B: Tembe and Dijon Poll C: Green Warrior
  13. i added u to mi freind roster mi codes going up today

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