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  1. I've been thinking on the potential of a Bionicle TV show since the first signs of return, and I think that it's something the series could definitely use. A TV show for bionicle was something I dreamed about since I was like, 8; frankly, I think (if executed right) it could allow for a much smoother, more in-depth story than the books and comics ever provided us. Plus, the art style we saw at comic-con? Yes. Elmara
  2. My favorite series, by far, is Beast Wars. I am practically in love with BW Megatron. I always liked Optimus Primal, too. As for Fall of Cybertron, I cannot freakin' wait for that game, but I need a new XBox (Mine red-ringed). I have to shy away from Transformers fansites, though, cause Teletoon wouldn't air the season finale of TF Prime until last week, so I'm only on part 1. Sometimes, it kills to be Canadian. Elmara
  3. Clearly, I am excited. BZP was out for nearly SIX FREAKIN' MONTHS and now it's back. Rejoice. Over the summer, I got back into Transformers again. When I become interested in something, it becomes the only thing that I am interested in. So Transformers has dominated my life since June. I really love Transformers, and I can't imagine actually NOT liking the brand. (Except Powerglide. I HATE Powerglide.) I guess, since BZP went down, my interest in Bionicle waned a little. But never fear, for now that BZP is back and looking...well, different, it's time I get started on my stories again. Also, I'm back at school and not liking it, to say the least. My Math teacher is like a crazy robot or something. It's freaky. She'll stand up at the board and mumble incoherent nonsense supposedly about mathematics, and then shout at anyone who doesn't understand whatever concept she may be trying (and failing, I might add) to teach. She's kind of the main villain in my life right now, so if I were a superhero, she would be the Venomath. Pretty creative, if I do say so myself. BZP's new look is odd, I guess. I'm just so used to the old one (been using it for what, like, 5 years, now?), so it's gonna take some getting used to. Wow. Ramblings. My LA. teacher would kill me. At least it's divided into paragraphs of similar thoughts. Anyway, how did you people spend your summer? I MOC'd, mostly. But unsuccessfully. Not a single one of my MOC's has remained intact. Elmara
  4. Clearly, you do not suffer from incopmlete data. Elmara
  5. Those who suffer from incomplete data.... Elmara
  6. When one has no social life, such as myself, thinking is a common pastime. A few days ago I was doing just that when i realized that Teridax's plan had a few gaping holes in it that ultimately led to his destruction. Exhibit A: When Teridax banished Mata Nui, what do you suppose was going through his mind when he decided to trap him inside the most powerful kanohi in the universe, one that controls the power of life itself? Exhibit B: When Teridax banished Mata Nui, why would he shoot his brother towards a PLANET? I mean, there is the possibility that Teridax had overlooked the potential for life on said planet (Especially considering the planet was basically a round desert), but before then, it would seem as though Teridax had thought of everything. Nothing could go wrong, because he had made every possible outcome work in his favor. Why not, you know, shoot Mata Nui into the system's central star, or at least not towards the nearest planet? I mean, I get this if it's the Ignika, 'cause that would destroy all life in the MU, leaving Teridax (assuming he isn't affected) a ruler of an empty world. So, I thought this warranted a blog post. I love having a place to write down my every thought. Elmara
  7. Does anyone here play it? It looks interesting, and all my friends tell me, "Oh, it's the greatest thing ever, you should totally play," but I've been dragged into these kind of things before (i.e. Dofus) and I did not enjoy that at all. I just want to know what the point of the game is. When I ask my friends, they say little more than "You dig n' stuff." Can anyone here be more serious than them? Elmara
  8. So, I took the advice given to me by Daiker and Wolven from my last blog post, and I made a self MOC. It's still a work in progress, but I think it's coming along rather nicely.WIP Toa of Fire Yeah, I know my hair's in the pic. Anyway, That torso is 100% custom. No recycled parts. I think I might use this for a self-moc, but I'm not sure. Elmara
  9. So, I hear you're my counterpart Canadian in the CIRCLE. Welcome.

  10. I kind of meant MOCing without the use of an Inika base. Suppose something like 'custom torsos would have worked better. Anyway, thanks for the tip. I think I'll try that NPU idea out.
  11. I'm gonna give it a try. I used to MOC, way back when the Inika torso was cool, and I have a team of about 10 Toa built all from the Inika/Piraka torso. Honestly, they've become a little boring to look at, so I decided to give 'em all custom torsos. I tried, but I couldn't get one that worked. Does anyone have any tips for custom torso building? (I didn't want to post this in the forums 'cause I felt like it would be a 'post it here' topic.) Elmara
  12. My brother has a dog. A basset Hound, of all things. She's still a puppy, so she's the cutest thing on Earth, but she loves to chew things. My brother went to a music festival (Coachella) in California. The poor dog just sits at the window, waiting for him to come home. Every time I come up behind her, she turns around with a sort of expression saying, "Oh Hai! Do you know where daddy is?" When she's not at the window, she's flopped on a chair all depressed. Poor puppy. Elmara
  13. So glad BZpower isn't blocked. I would have nothing to do here. Elmara
  14. I've made an epic. You can find it here. Readin' and reviewin' appreciated. So, my Mom told me that I could have a set from Hero Recon Team. She bought all my brothers their sets. Today, we found out that her credit card decided it didn't want to work for a few days. She can't use it 'till Tuesday. Oh, Jake Braker, you proceed to elude me. (Jake Braker is the Hero I made for the Mission: Von Nebula game, and I just made him on HRT.) Elmara
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