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    Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
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    I aspire to be a musician. I play guitar, bass guitar, piano, etc. I also sing, hehe.

    Bionicles, sadly, are part of my past now; its a past I don't regret in the slightest. Bionicle was extremely fun while it lasted. Hopefully I can keep MoCing; its a great way to gt those creative juices flowing. But for now, I'm done.

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  1. A couple know that I was interested in Bionicles. None know of BZP though...
  2. Well, I've been mostly inactive for the past year or two, I guess. Its punctuated by short periods where I come back every two to three months though, haha.
  3. Precursors. I bet.On the game night...I'd be up for that. BTB is, as I said before, getting dull, especially with the new BTB Heavies thingy that everyone always votes for.
  4. This no health packs thing has got me worried. So is this "perks" system they're talking about...I just want it to feel like Halo, and not COD. I agree with JI1223 on the new BR and the Spartan IVs... they look pretty weird.
  5. 5/5I've stalked you before.
  6. I don't know about an inner circle, but I definitely don't fit in . Maybe I did at one point, but I'm too inactive at the moment. The "good friends" of mine on my friends list either never come on or don't remember me ( ) so that doesn't help too much either.EDIT: It has a lot to do with blogs, yes.
  7. I've been a fan of bionicle since the beginning, and a BZP member for around four to five years. All of the time I spent on BZPower and Bionicle in general had a profound affect on me (at least in my opinion). This site sort unlocked my creativity for me in a way. I first joined the site to share my MoCs, which, at the time, were pretty terrible . I got better, but that's besides the point.It also taught me that everything in life takes time, and dedication. I ATTEMPTED to start a comic series, create a sprite kit, and write a chronicle. I gave up in all of these endeavors simply because I didn't think them through and lost my motivation. I definitely learned from that. I also filmed short bionicle stopmotion movies. I actually kept up with those for a while; I've stopped because of schedule conflicts and stuff like that.Now I'm a freshman in high school. I'm pursuing a career in music; hopefully I've learned enough to stick with it this time.
  8. Agh! Has anyone had succes with the achievement "If they came to hear me beg"? Its the one where you survive a fatal fall by assassinating an elite..
  9. Well hello.

    1. Toa Smoke Monster

      Toa Smoke Monster

      Hello to you too. How have you been?

    2. Archmaster


      Great. It's been a while xD.

  10. Well, its certainly been a while. I see a lot has changed..

  11. Just got Reach for Christmas. Its all I've played for 3 months. I am now a Lt. Colonel who is tired of BTB...Are we allowed to share gamertags? I need someone to play with xD.
  12. thanks. You're the only one who noticed. =P

  13. I REALLY hope you aren't trying to start a flame war. I'm sick of those Mac vs PC fights. They're both good and bad for their own reasons. I think we can leave it at that. Please.

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